How to see enemy health?

For some reason, I cannot see the health of the ships I am targeting anymore. Initially, I had the small picture of the enemy ship with their health around it and I saw the damage I was doing to it. Now though, it no longer shows up. I have tried tracking, targeting everything, but it won’t show up. It becomes a problem because I can’t estimate how long an engagement will take, if I’m going to win, or even if I’ll have enough ammo to finish it. If there is some button that I need to press that I have no idea about, that would be great. Any help is appreciated.

Can you provide a screenshot?
I suspect your Target Lock icons are just being hidden by another window on top of them.

Would you like a screenshot of the entire set up, or just of the area it normally pops up?

The whole thing

I can’t even find an enemy to show it on. Sorry it’s taking a bit. I’m flying around trying to find something to target. lol

You can just warp to a POCO or any Station and just lock it up the same as any NPC.

Normally it would show up right over my overview, and next to my selected item, but no more.


This shows me that you have not locked the target, or the Lock Target option would have changed to Unlock Target.

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oh wait
im an idiot
i see it now haha
thank you



Looks like your Target Lock icons have moved over to be hidden behind your Fleet window.

You should be able to drag them back to the original location by grabbing the small targeting reticle to the upper right hand side of that Station’s icon.

Edit: Glad to see that you’ve figure it out!


I think you just wanted to brag about how big your monitor is :wink: Kudos, by the way!


Have you split your screen in two and only have item in one side? How some software?!

i run 3 screen will be nice to have everything in one side so I could actually see something

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