Avoiding Repairing the Enemy

My corpmate mentioned this strange story he had in a C2 wormhole last year. There were 7 Butrixes that were ratting and they were also repping each other. His crew dropped in 3 Burtixies, a Griffin, and a Tactical Destroyer to kill them. It totally didn’t work and 4 of them ran away with their tail behind their legs leaving behind a wreck. The odd thing was that periodically, the guys ended up using remote armor repairers on my corpmate occasionally before swapping to repair each other. This happened multiple times during the fight when one of them turned on the repper against the guy he was supposed to be using his blasters on or sometimes even repping the drones of the other team. Aside from the odd choice to use remote reps in a ship that gets bonus to local repair, once the fight began, what was the best way to avoid this mishap? Was the only thing to do was check the “fleetmate” or “corpmate” icon before repping? This seems obvious, but they made that mistake multiple times. F1 and F2 too close maybe?

Standard approach used to be to drag any friendly locked up targets down to the next row of targets; and only leave the targets you should be shooting on the first row.

Or in other words, while targetting automatically organises the locked targets on a single row by default, that isn’t the only way to have them organised and you can drag your locked targets around, including to new rows.

So when you lock up a friendly, just drag the target down (or up if you have your targets low on your screen), so you never accidentally select them and then shoot them. That way, only activate guns/missiles/rockets/etc. on enemy targets on one line and reps or friendlies that are on another line.

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Oh I didn’t know that. And these guys apparently didn’t know that either.

Wow that bug again… I know I switched to PVP when I made the post but it thought I was in the forum was I before I swapped.

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