Unusual NPC interactions?

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Just had an idle thought I figured I’d ask here. Has anyone tried using unusual modules to influence NPC AI? For example, if a salvager alt remote repped a hostile ship(while it was full), would this lower its likelihood of drawing aggro? Conversely, does incoming rep affect aggro chance? During my time in wspace I found the sleepers generally picked on whoever had the weakest tank, which of course made for great fun with my drones. If I pre-rep drones with remote repair will this lower their likelihood of aggro?

How about other modules of this nature? Remote tracking boosts on an NPC while blitzing is unlikely to affect mission success since its already tanked sufficiently, but MIGHT allow a salvager alt or newbro to tag along and salvage and loot some of the wrecks without getting targeted. How about target painting another player? Obviously we’d have to set up corp rules prior, but a shield tanked ship is already sig bloomed to all hell.

Lastly, how would boosting mission rats interact with criminal/suspect flagging? I know this is all something of a stretch, but my googling has turned up nothing and I figured I’d ask here before launching into my own research.

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I once locked a jove observatory in high sec and they warped in and taught me a lesson, i was just messing around trying to see what the structure was about then read later what it was.

As for unusual things, I see sleepers sometimes and they lock me(it doesnt show but i can see a beam from me and it), not sure if they are repairing me or something. I am thinking of trying to rep one to see what it does at some point because they are weird and might like it.

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try dropping corpses at jove stations. seekers will pick them up and repair (?) the station with them. takes a while, though.

also, repping certain npcs can get you a criminal timer.

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i thought the ability to remote rep npc was removed long ago , and now you get “can’t activate that module” message … was funny at the time and used to get mission runners / ratters killed so you could loot their wreck.

as for the jove sleepers , the visual you see is a scanning effect .

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it’s been years since i’ve tried, and you’re not talking about the same effect i’m talking. reread my words. :slight_smile: i am not talking about their scanning.

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Don’t know if this is normal?

Loads of concord

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Masses of Concord in Uedama and nextdoor in Sivala are a common site. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

On occasion you will also see them in the systems Niarja and Madirmilire.

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