Help making a basic Hostiles overview tab

I’ve seen this asked before, but I spent all day following guides for this simple task and still can’t figure it out. I don’t want to download an entire pack, i just want to set up some simple tabs for myself.

First one, just a tab to show only hostiles. So only things trying to (or will try to) attack me or my fleet members (OR things that could attack me, that i can attack without CONCORD coming for me). What types and states in the overview preset settings do i need to check?

Good job choosing to learn your own overview config. Start with a reset all settings.
NPC’s are in a ton of places. It will take nontrivial effor to get all shootable NPC’s alongside all shootable players.
For a legal player targets preset:
Tab Presets
untick all
tick all Ships

States tab:
“Default Hidden” for all except:
“Always Show”:
limited engagement
sec status -5
at war with corp
at war with militia

Consider also “pilot has kill right available” but be aware you can’t legally shoot them until you pay for the killright causing a suspect flag.

Also be aware that in null/wormhole situations these legal targets are irrelevant and you should consider every ship a potential threat.

Oh and this will not show you “things that could attack me”, any ship including illegal targets could potentially be part of a gank. You can probably safely filter out noobships, pods, shuttles and covops though.


Thank for the reply, very useful. I know illegal targets could attack me, will this add them to the list if they DO attack me? I assume it’ll give them the criteria you mentioned so yes, but what if it’s in null sec? Will they still show up? I want to have a separate tab for neutrals for potential threats that haven’t actually threatened me yet / I haven’t attacked yet.

Secondly, I’d still like to add hostile NPCs to this tab.

EDIT: One issue I’m having, is I click to show sentry guns, so i can see enemy sentry guns, but it’s also showing CONCORD sentry guns even though CONCORD and police s checked off under the NPC list.

If an illegal target attacks you in high, they become criminal and show up. If they attack in low, they become suspect and show up. I don’t think they are flagged at all outside of empire, so I would expect typical attackers to not show up in null or wormholes, unless they’re also -5 sec status, or war targets.

The CONCORD NPC list is only concord ships. And the sentry gun type is all sentry guns. Except POS guns i think. And sentry drones. /shrug

My most relevant preset is just called “targets”, the only types are Ships, all except Capsule. i hide anything friendly unless it has a limited engagement with me (e.g. friendly fire)

Is states only for other players? It doesn’t seem to affect the NPC stuff that shows up. And so you’re state settings there will only show players that attack you in some way, correct?

Also even in null sec other players that attack should still show up cuz of limited engagement being on, no?

  1. i guess so. turn on or off the type of each npc, mostly in Types > Entity. note you right click those categories and “de/select all”
  2. these states will always show a limited engagement, otherwise they hide known friendlies (leaving neutrals + hostiles)
  3. i don’t remember if LE timer engages in null how embarassing

EvE Mail me if you want to try mine as a template. My hostiles tab shows all ships that “realistically might” shoot you.

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