Shortcut Alts. When?

Many modern games and dev software apps have few (mainly 2) options to bind a command to keyboard, mouse and joystick controllers. I need to bind a few commands to my mouse buttons by keeping them on keyboard buttons also. It will be nice to have Shortcut 1 (by default) and Shortcut 2 options for that. For example, I need to bind the Drone Engage command (key F) to my mouse Forward button and Ship Stop (Ctrl + Space) to my mouse Backward button respectively. Increase the ship speed (Num +) with Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel Forward and decrease the speed (Num -) with Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel backwards, set full speed (Ctrl + Alt + Space) with Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button e.t.c. Allowed combinations Shift, Ctrl and Alt + Mouse buttons.

Why is the shortcut model so limited in EVE Online? There’s some ‘background’ story for that?

Can’t you just bind a keyboard key to the mouse button?

My mouse firmware has 5 profiles, one of which is reserved for Windows commands. Each profile is already configured for some important apps with: DPI, button assignment, color scheme etc. Button assignment manager allows mapping mouse buttons to a limited set of key commands: Windows, Multimedia, Browsers, Skype, Photoshop, and to some popular games like WoW, Warhammer, XCOM etc. IDK why EVE isn’t in that list. Also, the firmware doesn’t map F1-F12 and QWERTY key commands, it allows only NumLock keys. Maybe there’s some security reasons. I don’t want to install other mouse buttons mapper apps, because back in the day that caused some driver collisions with my controller and that’s just a mess overall.

Therefore, to map Drone Engage command (F) to my mouse I have to reassign it in EVE to Num1 and in my firmware the Forward button to Num1 key code also, right? But I’ll lose the F key command button on the keyboard, which I’d like to keep.

Basically there is a list of dash / commands in EVE, the keys call those commands and the UI is all wonky and wobbly, it looks like the server has to confirm which command is running so then the UI responds. Among all the rubber banding the UI displays there’s your keystrokes… there’s no solution.

For now, for alts you can have EVE-O installed, then edit the configuration file on notepad and write down which key will switch to which alt

EVE-O Preview.json

“ClientHotkey”: {
“EVE - Arya Yeshe”: “1”,
“EVE - Rexxar Santaro”: “2”

I’d like to use some “clean” and simple EVE based tools, considering how strict is EVE EULA. And I don’t want to install entire key mapper tool managers just for 7 EVE buttons.

I knew a guy who bought two of those extra keyboards with just a rown of keys, so he had 20 extra keys on the side, then in EVE he set te hotkeys for his new keyboards on the side. He was also considering in buying pedals and alt tab between alts with his feet (I love that idea)

Something like this:


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