Mouse buttons, do you use them?

what shortcuts do you folks use to bind certain actions to your front and back mouse keys? i used to have ‘launch drones’ and ‘return to drone bay’ respectively.

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I just use the left, right and middle buttons.

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I don’t have a gaming mouse. My mouse only has 3 buttons/wheel. I don’t have that option. having the ability to recall drones by pushing a button would be handy though.

I only use the side button for push to talk, no in-game shortcuts. I used them in the past but then I’ll forget to set them up on a character, or lose a config or something and suddenly be in the heat of battle pressing buttons that aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. So now I used default in-game controls for better or worse.


I use the mouse for everything…I just find it so much easier. It requires a really accurate mouse and perfect cursor tracking range, but set up correctly it is so much easier than fumbling around with a keyboard.

I only have 2 extra thumb buttons on my razor mouse.

The forward button i use for dscan and the back button i use for F1 which i only really use for traveling with a BR so i dont have to keep my keyboard on my lap. (Play from the couch)

Things like drones i mapped to G keys.

I REFUSE to use the left mouse button.

I can’t believe you use a mouse! Real people are 100% keyboard only. I recall the first time I saw a mouse on a PC. I picked it up by the cord in between my thumb and forefinger. Holding it like a dead animal, “What is this suppose to be?” I asked. The other person replied, “They call it a mouse. It is a lazy tool for people who don’t understand the keyboard.”. That was in the mid to late 1980’s.

In all reality, I know there are some people who would be lost, if or when the mouse quits working. To this day, I still have a tendency to tab key around the screen and press Enter more than using the mouse.

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Most players are using them to trigger macros and scripts.

Lol…I have gotten so used to using a mouse ( very accurately and quickly ) that it is the keyboard that feels slow and clunky and out of date. The key to it is to have a very accurate mouse and to have a mouse pointer range on the screen that allows instant access in a single move. Having a huge screen also helps. It beats fumbling around with keys, and having to remember 37 different key strokes.

I recently got Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it was like ‘wtf ? I have to use keys to go up and down and side to side ?’. So much easier with a mouse.

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I use whatever is fast and convenient. Since the game tends to freeze or get choppy sometimes the mouse isn’t such a sure thing so I make sure I can do everything with the keyboard except for the obvious double-click in space and other such things.

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I still have the 3.5 floppy and the 219 page book for Microsoft Flight Simulator (c) 1988. Yes the whole program fit on a floppy diskette. The original was 1982, hard to believe it is 40 years old now. Ah smell that nostalgia!

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My mouse has 12 buttons on the side. I only use 2. One day I’ll use them for something.

Come to think of it, in space I just use it to select from the overview and set ship speed. In station? For everything.

Forward mouse button for push-to-talk. Back mouse button for… wait, what do I use that button for ?

Keyboard over mouse or your clearly a mobile user.

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