New Mouse with programmable keys

It is allowed to programme keys to the mouse?

I.e. one of the buttons to do Control + click to target and have another set up for F1?

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but wanted to check.

You’re still only using in-game shortcuts and single button presses, albeit a mouse button instead of a keyboard one.

No problem at all as far as I can tell.

The main thing games companies don’t usually want you doing is automating processess or combining mutliple command inputs into a single press of a button (the latter may even be allowed, I have programmable keys on my keyboard that can record sequences, although I’ve found no use for that in EVE).

As long as you don’t create macros or shortcuts like F1 and F2 on the same button. I don’t think the control + button will be against the rules iirc.

“Space Scouser” - lol, great name!

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