Am I allowed to use these?

Am I allowed to use these? See Picture.

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Someone else can confirm but I believe CCP’s policy is “One action per button press”. Remapping a module so it activates when you hit “G1” instead of having to hit Alt+F1 is fine. Having 2 modules activate when you press G1 is against the rules.


I’m surprised you even asked… Seriously like why be so honest?

Chillax and do what you want.

As long as you don’t macro 2 or more buttons together with those, you should be fine. Replace f1 with g1, f2 with g2 etc.

Macros (a sequence of commands) are against the rules. Binding a single command to a programmable key or mouse button is OK.

If you’re unsure, file a petition and get an official answer from a GM.

Was discussed in this thread:

While his goal was for work related stuff, the answer is in that thread and also has info from the section of the EULA.

Retribution, from a neutral point of view, ISD Sakimura was not rude at all and provide a source to answer OP’s question. Whereas YOU were rude, using terms like “arrogant” and “toxic attitude”.
i suppose you don’t like this player, But here, in the Q/A section, new players are searching for questions, and they are unaware of previous history between regular posters…

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