Using macros for ratting - allowed?

Hi guys, my keyboard has macro keys and I was wondering if it was against the rules to bind multiple keystrokes to it and use it to rat


Yes, it is against the rules.

Eve has a number of shortcuts you can find in Settings (ESC). My understanding is that these are considered a single command and the key sequence you use to invoke them - some combination of CTRL, SHIFT, ALT and a regular character pressed simultaneously - can be bound to a keyboard or mouse macro key. Binding sequences of commands to a macro key is a violation of section 6 of the EULA.

Simple way to think about it. Is there a way to do the thing you want with a single action? Then you can create a key for it.
If it takes multiple actions. Then you can’t.

For example, begin locking target and activate guns. Sure, because you can press f1 and ctrl click to do all that in one tick.

Doing the above while also launching drones and ordering them to attack with the single click, not so much.

Just do it and play dumb if they catch you

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Not going to work. Why should he risk getting banned?

For those who don’t bother to read the EULA; All forms of Input Automation and Input Broadcasting is strictly prohibited.

CCP Falcon, Achived Forum (Old)

Input Automation

Input Automation refers to actions that are commonly also referred to as botting or macroing. This term is used to describe, but is not limited to, the automation of actions which have consequences in the EVE universe.


Multiboxing refers to playing as multiple separate characters, simultaneously, across a number of accounts, either by using multiple computers to run the game, or by using a number of instances of EVE on a single computer.

Uses for multiboxing range from scouts in PvP to gang boosting, support and ECM alts, as well as extra characters for hauling, mining and many other applications. Based on our EULA and Policies we would like to clarify that multiboxing is allowed.

These have always been there but since 1st of Jan, 2015, they’ve become more actively policed.


Ah, ok. Was just wondering why no one was doing it and confirming. So I can bind in game hotkeys and just have them all next to each other (NUM1, NUM2, NUM3)ETC. And it will be fine?

Yes, that would be allowed. You can also keybind your “macro-key(s)” as you normally would any other normal key.

To give you an example of ‘Input Automation’: Macro_key1: activate F1 through F8 (in case of not having guns grouped up). Not that it would take that long to do it manually but sometimes a battle’s flow can change in milliseconds. So I hope you can see why it is prohibited. :wink:

I’d like to add that these rules also count any physical contraptions (like taping a small wooden stick across keyboard) that one might make.

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Won’t be using a wooden stick lol. Will set up hotkeys and try to git gud



while it is probably self-made, it would be within the rules (by the looks of it)


Is this a real thing? If so is there a tutorial?

Yeah that was the first come to mind but thought I give the benefit of the doubt (s)he is more than an F1 monkey. :wink: I can be wrong though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, ty :smile:

Dunno just googled for “eve online keyboard” as I knew of such memes but technically they are possible to make so it might be a real one dunno you can search about it. Also here is another one that looks legit but probably just a fake:

I’d suggest writing yourself a keystroke cheat sheet for each mission. I run a lot of burner missions that require a very specific set of keystrokes for each mission, so I wrote up a word document that I keep open for reference. For each mission it tells me the ship to use, which ammo to load, what preparatory actions to take before going through the acceleration gate and then the specific sequence of keys to press when. I actually prefer that to macros (even if macros were legal).

Got one for null? :wink:

Though I read they tweak / alter burners without any notice, has that never happened nor caused an issue? Or it is just “fake news”?

It has indeed happened, from what I know of, Burner missions loot drops have been nerf’d a while back.