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I have a Steelseries Apex 350, using Windows 10. I am attempting to test an idea for work, to use M-keys to type out an entire sentence. I have never used keyboard macros before. However, after about two-hours of trying different ideas I have concluded that I cannot even type out a simple macro, using the included macro editor for the Steelseries Keyboard, such as pressing M1 and having it type out “A” or something.

I am hoping someone could guide me in the right direciton on how to accomplish this or is does Win10 prevent this or what is going one? Seems like it should be straightfoward to me.

I would like to have several M-keys type out various phrases, such as “THIS IS PHRASE ONE.”, “THIS IS MY PHRASE TWO.”, “ETC., ETC., ETC.”

TIA to anyone with more knowledge about this and if it’s possible, or what the issue is.

I think you’d be best to try out that feature outside of the game, macro is input-automation and it’s use is not allowed, even if it’s only for typing text in chats. You may use your M-keys for normal keybindings as you would any other key.

Oh this is not game related, just looking for help, figured gamers would know about macros, I don’t know, ever used them before.

This is for a work suggestion I am writing up. I am tying to get game quality keyboards and mice funded for at my job. …Currently, we are having to use Keytronic POS keyboards and Dell mouses. OMG!

I don’t see much use for it work related other than for making shortcuts easier to “push”, I mean those shortcuts that require you to push 3-4 keys at once (like CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Key). This is actually something that you can do even for EVE as shortcuts only perform one action per “key” pushed.

Ah, I see what you are up to and I approve. gl


Probably more truth to this on several levels than many would like to admit.

Isn’t that what the M# and Mx# keys are for though? In my case we have to frequently type out repetitious sentences, so I am thinking using those keys instead would be super awesome if possible. For example, there is freeware software that does this as well, but you have to type say Ctrl + Alt + {an available key} to accomplish it.

…lol at the comic strip.

I have no idea about “m-keys”, but when it comes to phrases then you might want to know this.

You’ve basically started the whole thing wrong. You’re not looking for a macro, you’re looking for hotkeys. Clipboard managers have existed for decades, rightfully so. They’re an underrated tool to massively improve your clipboard by allowing you to copy and paste into different slots, depending on the keys you use.

Clipboard managers are perfectly legal, simply because they can’t be forbidden, and, based on the rules, you’re not actually influencing your gameplay that way anyway so … file a ticket and ask.

Just remember … you’re not actually looking for macros.

What you want is a Clipboard Manager.
Copy/Paste stuff.


AutoHotKey can do the exact same thing… why not just use that for work? it’s freeware and programmable to have it do what you need, and this would mainly be your boss’ view, it costs no money.

If you use your keyboard and mouse as much as I think you are, you’d probably better off with more ergonomic equipment.

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Agreed, macros are not the right thing here.

Another option is applications that can use text expansion or reuse, something commonly found in coding. Things like BBEdit can do that natively and internally, but I also use things like Keyboard Maestro to do everything from entering custom signatures to churning out entire form letters into any app with just a couple of characters (in Mac world, anyway).

So, look for something that can do hotkeys as Sol suggests or look into broader automation or text expansion utilities. For Windows, check out something like this:

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Dang- beat me to it! :v:

Okay that is a nice program too, was just hoping to do it by using a single key, similarly as using a single function key, as opposed to using a combo of keys to type out something, that gets confusing when multi-tasking and working in a fast paced environment.

I really thought macros (with no delays) was a possibility.

However, this isn’t for gaming though, so EVE limitations are not applicable in my case.

Thanks for the many suggestions y’all!

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The possible problem is that any hotkey software emulates key press/release action and if you press it while text field is out of focus - nothing will be typed at best and something else will happen at worst if that emulated keypress is a shortcut for another action (in-game, for example).

@Solecist lolol

@Ms Steak Oh that is a good point, that never occurred to me.

Is this the stance these days?

Like many games, EVE has had an evolving view of what is allowed in this area…

Are all “macro” outlawed now? What about a simple grouping of keys (1 key that simulates f1-f8, for example)?

A link to CCP’s official current stance on this issue would probably be appropriate for this thread.

CCP’s official stance on this is in the EULA:

6 A. Specifically Restricted Conduct

Your continued access to the System and license to play the Game is subject to proper conduct. Without limiting CCP’s rights to control the Game environment, and the conduct of the players within that environment, CCP prohibits the following practices that CCP has determined detract from the overall user experience of the users playing the Game.

  1. You may not use your own or any third-party software, macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play. You may not rewrite or modify the user interface or otherwise manipulate data in any way to acquire items, currency, objects, character attributes or beneficial actions not actually acquired or achieved in the Game.
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What about text bots informing you of hostile several jumps over. That is after all a from of automated writing in the game?

Just a quick update, I was able to do what I was wanting to. I was just messing around with the program and found a setting that allows it to work now. Using Steelseries Engine 3:

Left click on the key you want to config (e.g., M1 or MX1).
In the popup Right click on Macros and left click on Open Macro Editor
Left click on + New and click on Text Macro.
Right click on Text Macro # and click on Rename it to change it to the name you want for the title.
Click on the text box and type your sentence.
Click Save
Click on the button you that you just configured (e.g., M1 or MX1)
In the popup click to check the empty box on the right of the macro name you just configured, it should highlight in the same color (e.g., as a purple square)
Click Done
Click Save on the bottom right corner of the keyboard overview.
Open any program that you can type in and press that key you just configured (e.g., M1 or MX1) and your sentence should now be pasted.
Smile and shout CHEAAAHHH!
Pat yourself on the back in satisfaction.

  • This is not really relevant to EVE.

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