Rebinding Issues with HID Macros

Hey guys! I recently bought a separate, second keyboard, that includes just the number keys. I was thinking about turning it into a sort of control centre for all the awkward shortcuts related to combat, so I don’t have to be reaching across my keyboard in the middle of an encounter.

I’m not sure if anyone has experience with HID Macros, but it doesn’t seem to like EVE very much at all. To test the program, I tried to remap the second keyboard’s NUM-0 to ‘Ctrl+S’, but the despite it working in other programs, EVE only seems to recognise the S. If anyone has an idea for a workaround, or has tried to do something similar, I’d really appreciate some advice. I’m thinking maybe EVE has some restrictions around remapping control keys outside of the game?

HID Macros: HID macros

Thanks o7

Arent Macros not allowed?


Direct one key into one in game keypress is allowed, so if you want to use a program that binds A to F1 or mouse click to F1 that’s fine. One key into a number of in game keys, a timed action, repeats or an actual macro is NOT allowed.

In short what you wanna do is not allowed in eve.
Similarly you have weapons on the F1, F2 etc.

If you activate a shield with Alt+F1, you cannot remap that to one button. You must press Alt+F1 together. So you cannot map Crtl+S together as its not allowed


Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I’ve just rebound the mid slots and low slots away from awkward key combinations, remapped alt+F(numbers) to less used functions. That way I can still use my new keyboard and not have £7 be wasted.

It was my understanding that Macros, meaning multiple functions in a single keystroke ( like a macro that sets a new destination and activates autopilot) are not allowed, but rebinding keys was okay. I assumed, since the default shortcuts for mid and low slot equipment are bound to ALT+F(x), that creating a macro that presses those keys would be okay. It’s all good though, I understand the sketchyness about allowing macros using third party software. It’s a slippery slope.

No that is not allowed. You cannot create a macro that exceeds faster than a human can move.

Hitting one button that executes alt+f(x) is faster calculation than a human pressing and holding alt then pressing f(x)

Basically if anything in Eve normally requires more than one keystroke or mouse click and you operate any functionality that reduces those multiple instances to one…then that would be regarded as a disallowed macro.

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Well, I don’t think that’s exactly true - I can rebind Alt+F1 to a single button in the EVE settings.

Well, the issue is that the client doesn’t recognise control keys being sent from an external rebinding program. I don’t think it breaks the EVE rules, since I’m simply changing ALT+F1, or whatever, to a keybind that’s easier for me to press. I can do the exact same thing by going into the EVE settings and changing my mid 1 slot from Alt+F1 to NUM0, for example. The only issue is that the program I’m using to rebind my separate keyboard is not working with eve - I’m pretty sure it’s still within the rules. It’s literally only a rebind.

So you aren’t entirely sure?

You can bind the key combination alt+F1 to a command, that’s the other way.

You may not use your own or any third-party software, macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play. You may not rewrite or modify the user interface or otherwise manipulate data in any way to acquire items, currency, objects, character attributes or beneficial actions not actually acquired or achieved in the Game.

What you cannot do; automate keystrokes by software sequencing. pressing button x which will then result in buttons a+b being “pushed” as far as the EVE client is concerned. This is what you started with.

What you can do: remap a keysequence inside the client into a single keystroke. That will result in you pressing button x with the client pushing button “a+b”. This is what you ended up with and is fine.

Another thing is guns. You cannot automate pressing F1 to F9. What you can do is group your guns inside the EVE client and then “press” F1 using a second keyboard.

In theorie you cannot use software to sequence, only hardware. But I only saw a picture once of someone having build a construction like that out of wooden sticks.
If you have the money to truly build a machine that presses buttons on a keyboard; hire some neighbourhood kids to mine etc. Setting up an EVE playing-farm in a poor country might also work.

TL;DR: rebinding inside EVE first has done the trick

Yeah, I see where the problem is. Allowing third party software to rebind keys opens the floodgates for abuse. I just rebound my alt+f(x) keys to 0,1,2,3 and so on, it’s doing me fine so far.

I’d like to see that wooden stick construction xD That’s genius! But yeah, rebinding has worked. It’s a little annoying since the second keyboard is a little redundant, but it works okay. I just need to make a controls config for when I’m using the second keyboard, otherwise I’ll just use default controls. Thanks for the advice!


Dude was using ISBoxer. Which is bad :smiley: