Could someone help me?

Hello fellow capsuleers

i been playing eve for quite some time now (going maybe 4 years across 2 accounts maybe) and never got into proper pvp, not for lack of trying but because i have motor impairments caused by palsy, which hinder my reaction times to considerable degree making deal with all the bottoms quite a task. To perhaps make this less of an issue i been thinking about mapping out my F1-10 keys (or as many as i can reasonably manage) to a ps3 or similar controller and maybe mouse movements on joysticks as well.

My question is am i allowed to do so or will get into trouble do it? dont want to throw away 4 years of training on a bad decision

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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Yeah right, maybe.

Best way is to put in a ticket to support, then you will get a definitive answer.


If it’s just a form of rebinding then it’s fine. You click a button which coressponds with a key press on the keyboard or, directly, a bind in EVE’s settings.

What ISN’T allowed is any sort of programming. Be it multiple commands, delayed commands or any macro stuff.

One key in, one key out is allowed. So for instance, if you use a controller button for “stop ship” that is completely fine.


Forget the forums for this.
File a ticket.
Explain your situation and illness.


As far as I can tell CCP never let down anyone with bodily impairments,
as long as he provided evidence that that person actually deserves support.

If the GM gives you a negative, then request escalation to a dev.
It’s within your … uh … rights to do so and they have to respect that.

The forums can not, in any way or form, help you forward.


Also, check this site out:

Pretty ironic statement considering the BS “help” you just offered him.

Just ask a dev, OP. There’s no need to provide identification and hospital records. Sol lives in a world of his own making that rarely touches on reality.

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Thank you for your replies, i have submitted a ticket for this a few hours ago after getting a inconclusive answer from a GM saying that i could try but such things were not officially supported and read the ToS. I dont want to risk losing an account that took me ages put together over something i cannot a clear answer on. Someone suggested i contacted the Devs team but im not sure how to do that

Thanks again and fly safe

I hope you get the answer you are looking for, more power to ya.

You can always work with what options you have currently.

Sorting your rack and grouping your guns leaves very few modules you’d have to mess with or worry over. You could, for instance, use the numerical keys right below the F keys to control the mid rack, and giving you easy access to over 8 keys you can find in the dark without even looking.

Using the 1st person shooter awsd position also opens up all the other speed adjustments and push to talk options.

In the end, pvp combat in Eve gets slower the bigger the hull. It’s frigate and cruiser combat that definitely benefit from high apm. So, you can always be the friend in the boosting BC or even a scary battleship that doesn’t require anywhere near to lightning quick reactions and they may also be more enjoyable for you. Hope you find something that works. Enjoy yourself and don’t stress about having things perfect before you attempt to try.

If you’re ever in a fleet you feel you won’t be able to keep up with, bring a navy cruiser and throw caution to the wind. Whoever gives you grief is not worth the +1 in what you’re looking for.

Fly well. o7


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