Ability to use an external controller for manual piloting?

idk how much of a programming headache it’d be or if it would be “unbalanced” (ik rhiload talked about flying a keres requires manual piloting skills) but manually piloting with the arrow keys doesn’t allow for fine adjustments, and if say, you’re trying to record something you got to hit crtl+f9 to readjust or just deal with the wonky ship movement. i think it could help in many cases where you need a camera. propaganda, billboard ads, someone’s attempt at the next “Clear Skies?”

By manual piloting he means manually clicking the directions you want to fly, not approach or orbit a target.

Controller enabled flying would not help you in EVE because of all the things you need to do while flying with the myriad of hotkeys.

Also the 1Hz tick-rate will make it horrible to do as the server will only accept commands once a second.

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There’s actually also pitch up, down etc, keys.

(They’re still not that useful)

i know from a combat standpoint no one stands to gain anything, even if they don’t play eve with hotkeys. the reasons i gave was more for making better recordings.

If you love to ‘roll, pitch, rotate, …’ , the joysticks etc, play also BSGO or even Vendetta Online.

got 50 isk that says you can’t fly a garmur in either of those.

Because Eve works on a 1 Hz tick-rate, flying with a joystick sucks. The game accepts commands once a second, which makes the flying not be very responsive. In Eve, you command your ship to move, you don’t fly it. This isn’t a dogfighting game. Our ships are too large for that.

just make a game pad to the same hotkeys used in game. your problem will be the game engine and that’s not about to change

I don’t understand peoples need for the manual piloting by some control. Eve is a dice roll combat game, no aound of ducking and diving is going to dodge fire like the idiots that think jumping around on WoW in pvp think its going to be harder to hit them, this isn’t warships.

If you want manual control when it comes to input and everything like that go play a Elite Danger and just don’t screw Eve online up for us that can only use one hand so having the game The Way It Is makes it a lot easier to control

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