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I have been rather annoyed by the fact that the manual navigation keys are less then responsive. Specially, when orbiting or approaching something and I want to manually break off. Pressing the manual navigation keys sometimes works, most times does not. It may or may not have something to do with the direction the camera is facing. I have been blown up a few times because I could not break orbit and get out of their.

Regardless, I am looking for a way where I press the navigation keys whatever auto-navigation is occurring is canceled and the ship turns no mater where the camera is facing.

Is there a way to do this?

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Yeah, using the arrow keys won’t produce a quick response from the ship.

If you want to “quickly” turn or move away, the best method of manual piloting (and the oldest) is to double click in space in the direction you desire.
And yes, this means that you have pan your camera towards to direction you desire (sometimes away from the action you are engaged in).

I will also take a moment to manage some expectations:

  • You cannot “dogfight” in EVE the way you can in space/air combat simulators. Remember, you are commanding a ship larger than some commercial cargo planes in the real world (even in frigates). You are not sitting in the cockpit of an F-22 or a Su-57.
  • The server response time is 1 hz. That means the game will receive, process, extrapolate, and send the results of said action once every second.
    In a sense, you are playing EVE at 1 frame per second… but with the graphics filling in the gaps and making it pretty. :slight_smile:
    Now imagine playing a twitch-based flight game at 1 frame-per-second.
  • The physics in EVE are “fluid based.”
    In actual space there is no drag or maximum speed. So not only will you turn slow here, but you will accelerate slow (depending on how “sharp” the angle is between your former trajectory and new one) and have a hard limit in how fast you can go.

Then I guess “evasive maneuver” button is on my wish list. Something that goes towards a point in space away from the aggressor at max speed.

I understand that this is more tactical then flight simulator. I would like to see improvements in the HUD that are more flight simulator like. Those are in the wish list as well. That is a different conversation.

Thank you for the reply. I was hopping that I was just doing something wrong.

No worries.

Before you send out a proposal, I should point out that the community (and sometimes DEVs) are fairly resistant to adding “automated” type controls.

Everyone has their own specific reason to resisting automation, but they essential boil down to; “automated commands (especially for flight) are nearly always going to be inferior to manual flight” and “we should be encouraging people to be more involved in what they do, not exporting it to a computer.”

try keep at range 100km

How about “align to Gate/Celetial/bookmark/ship/whatever”?
You should align to a warp off point anyway if you have a faint feeling you may have to gtfo soon. And stay concentrated, don’t mix the points… Recently I aligned to the “wrong” celestial B and got shot in painful long seconds after I pressed warp and saw to my horror the ship realigning to the “right” celestial A.

BTW aligning to a point within grid is called “approach”, but has the same effect.

staying aligned is usually a good thing, but not necessarily useful to fly away from a specific target.

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