Spatial navigation in manual mode

Something should be done about the terrible manual guidance of ships in space, which is too useless and unused. Also, the feeling that there is a below and above (cardinal points for short) and the automatic adjustment of the ship on standby on those axes is wrong. In space it is not like that. To make the experience more immersive and real something needs to be done.


think of EVE space as water, and think of your ship as a submarine.

that is how it works.

Unfortunately, I know this perfectly well. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be in “2022”

Eve isn’t and never was a space sim.

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I don t think this can be changed as they would have to make the flight and combat mechanics like in star citizen…and in eve online its not gonna work

I don’t want the mechanics of that Star Citizen crap. But I would like to see a navigation system a little more realist.


You don’t even have to do much work if you want to. It would be enough to improve the responsiveness of the commands. So there seems to be too much input lag. Command response is very slow, and it gets worse if you decide to use the joypad. I can understand if you have a capital in your hands, but if you fly a frigate in space and decide to turn, the ship has to turn. You can test it yourself. sit on a capital in manual and then on a comet. The inertia is disproportionate, in the age in which EVE is set I think the guidance systems are adequate for the weight of the ship.

What would this game be like if a BC would move like a frigate? I can tell you how it would be…it would be just like the earth without the moon

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