Orbit axis and movement direction

Please implement optional additional manually handling like fighter/ship movement with angular change for orbiting ship axis.

Changing the angular of 180 degree change the orbit movement direction.
known handling, is very simple and much appricated.

Thank you.

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Here’s a response from CCP Masterplan that explains why it works the way it does. It helps keep the server load down.


ty for the 3 years old info. before last month ccp says its impossible to relog without client closing. now its possible. maybe the same here.

PS: ccp says major issue would be network traffic. omg.realy? :laughing:

You’re welcome.

For what? EVE is not that kind of space combat game.

multiple situations.
organized gatecamp decloaking, optimal warpout orbit for mining and missions, optimal orbit for fleetmembers on anchor and just so because why not.

all says eve is pvp game. proper handling of own orbit is pvp element too.

If you read the post, you’d notice that this is already the case with their deterministic orbital plane pathing.

Why not just be aligned? You don’t need to be orbit. Plus, you’re not entitled to safety. You mention “pvp”, but it looks like you’re just a coward who wants to be able to run away asap.

Why would orbits matter when you’re anchored on someone? You’d be following along behind them… your ship wouldn’t even have the opportunity to orbit…

Because why waste developer time?

choco you dont have a clue, right?

and like some wrote on redit. all handling elements are allready there. and i would like something like this than other usual dumb stuff like another useless shiptree or some skins or dumb events.

but is ok. this is an idea/ future request no need to be unfriendly.

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