Ban for macro, what happened?

A few days ago my char received a ban for macro. Thing is, i never setup any of that, dont even know how to!
Since i got no reply to ticket as to why that happend, any1 has a clue if that could relate to having grouped weapons, or sendind drones out with a single key?
Googled what is considerated a macro and the shortcuts provided by CCP allow it to happen, is that the problem?
Would like to undestand what happened so i dont get banned again.

None of us will be able to answer your questions.

Input automation (macros) and input broadcasting (using automation to send a command to multiple clients simultaneously) are bannable offences.

Something about your setup triggered the agent watching for that kind of activity and, as mentioned, none of us can tell you what. You’ll need to wait for team security to get back to you.

further convinced it has to be a mistake, as i always have played a single client. Thx for the insights

you need to submit a ticket, could take time. nothing you can do but wait.

Macro’s and input broadcasting are different things though. If you got banned for macro’s, using a single account or multiple doesn’t mean anything.

CCP doesn’t often get these wrong, I’d bet.

Most common use of macros here is mouse input sequencing. You can find many programs that can use your mouse buttons to trigger sequences of keystrokes. This would likely break the rules for CCP and award you a ban.

There are special use cases for accessibility (ie disability) but you would have to file a ticket beforehand to see if you could be considered for this.

If you feel you are in compliance then file a ticket and wait out the process.

If you were guilty of something, then best to admit it and petition to have a ban reduced to a temp ban instead of permanent. CCP can be harsh, but reasonable if you are.

The question is, do they actually work on those tickets or file 'em in the dumpster never to be heard of again.

I have only heard of three players accounts unbanned by CCP and they were kinda well known…


thx for all the replies, the ban was for 3 days, so its unbanned, although i filled a ticket to get info just so it wont happen again, as i am sure i didnt broke the rules.

Kinda hesitant in play again as i dont know what caused the ban to trigger, i still love to play this game but if it becomes a constant ban every now and then i will have to choose other :frowning: to get into.

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Do you use any built-in macro’s in your mouse or keyboard? Anything that combines multiple functions into a single button-press?

nop, never installed any of that

This happened to me at the beginning of august. I still have not received a reply from my ticket.
As the only thing i have installed on my pc is eve and teamspeak I can say they base these bans on observed behaviour and guesswork.
Now I can’t use skill extractors because it says my account is under watch by the security team

do ye hav a cat? shiver me timbers and get rid of it walking over ur keyboard savey!

Contact the Security team with anything game, and information security related. Or read more here.

thx for the tip

i got the reply from ccp and to close this topic it was a false alarm.
thx all for the replies


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