Any Experience with repeated unjustified Bans and missing Support?


Got banned for and i quote
“…Reason: You have been banned permanently. The reason specified was: Repeated violations of section 6.A.3 of the EULA”

“section 6.A.3 of the EULA” leads to… and I quote…

"“You may not use your own or any third-party software, macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play. .”

So basically i get repeated bans for playing very/too efficiently for an extended amount of time?
Last time, i got 3 Days. Wrote a ticket. Answer was an half assed copy paste “just don´t use Macros, Noob. kkthxbye.”

But I DIDN´T?!
Both experiences lead me to the conclusion that there´s no human “fact check” going on.
I did not only kill, and loot and lock a lot of Ships and Wrecks.
I also chatted with a friend of mine… while working on my nearest Goal. Should have been the first Testrun tonight.

But I am Permabanned… for fast clicking, being efficient, or something… I don´t know.
Cause NOONE speaks with me.
My Ticket dissapeared.
The according link in the automatic generated Email leads nowwhere.

I cannot be the first one to experience these wrongly executed Convictions by the anti Bot Bot, or whatever

Is there any hope, or may i just delete the client?
I was reeeeally pissed. at first. Doesn´t quiete sit right, to be accused and convicted in one Sentence… for nothing.

By now I am just flummoxed that this kind of problem does not get pipelined on top.

pls. gimme some hope, Space Cowboys

If you really aren’t botting or macroing, then click this box:

No? Hmmm. Very suspicious.


On a serious note. Bad luck OP. The thread will be locked for discussion bans and there isn’t anything that any of us in the forum can do to assist.

If you really were doing nothing wrong and are just an edge case, then I hope you get it sorted out. Otherwise, good luck next time.

Autobot or Decepticon?

More than meets the eye…

Your characters DOB was 4 months ago, really wonder what you were doing to get banned for such a reason so easily/quickly.

My money is on you were implicated because someone you associate with is an actual cheater.

The proverbial slippery slope of gamer credit scoring (Valve does/wants/wanted to do this on Steam btw)… who we associate with is a crime now?

Punishing for the crimes of others? Really?

He was probably also using a script, it is absolutely trivial to write one for EVE.

Me? No.
Mouse. Mousewheel/3rd Mouse Button. Keyboard.

This is an Alt for PI and Research, if you ment this toon.

In both cases i was playing with my main.
Mainly Drone Boats. That may contribute due to “clapclapclapclap…no. yououghtakillthistargetfirstlaggyGecko”

just a guess

Kind of sounds like you had a focus aggro spam macro running or something. AHK or mouse/keyboard drivers, doesn’t really matter. Not really a genuine bot, just a convenience macro. And you didn’t have any input randomization embedded.

If you’re saying that you got banned for manual play with completely normal, organic input, then we’d see a lot of people reporting similar false positives. But we don’t. Occasionally we’ll get a thread like this, or a review like this on Steam, but it’s rare.

That said, I’m in favor of open and transparent trials and punishments.


BS. You did not get banned for being too efficient for an extended period of time. You got banned for cheating.

Now, this is speculation on my part here, but if I had to wager a guess, CCP is ignoring your tickets because that’s how firmly they believe that they made the right call. No need to waste any more resources investigating or debating with you.

And, on a side note, CCP has said that they are intentionally being tight lipped when it comes to how the investigate bots because they don’t want to give botters information that would make it easier for them to avoid detection and confirmation. So, while, I do think that there are good arguments for more transparency, I think that it’s more important not to make it harder for CCP to fight botting. So, in this case, I think CCP made the right call.
No P2W


But multiboxing isn’t cheating.

I guess it depends upon what and how much your revenue comes from.

I have seen gank fleets in a system with char_1, … , char_15, are you telling me a single person can control 15 characters without automation?

thx 4 the response

As long as there´s no friendly neighbour under 1AU my Drones are on Assist, Aggressive and Focus Fire. But that´s a game mechanic.

2 Ideas on that anyway

My 3rd mouse Button under the wheel got quite wonky latlely.
Worn out by extensive use (Attack Drone on it) and the usual fatfingers.
Had to really squeeze and mess around sometimes to find the last working angle. New Mouse was on the menue.
Just today i switched the keybinding for Drone Attack to “<>” next the shift Button. Really convenient place. Especially for “hammering”". Easy fast tapper, it is.

The Question.
May the Mouse send “unhuman” Patterns in that state of messing around with the angle?
That might be it. Dunno. Just a guess, what could have seemed not human according to my playstyle.

On another note. More than once i got feedbacked to be “unusally fast” in some situations.
Once caught a mouse with my hand at a friends house for example.
Snatched me a coocking glove on the way while yelling “open a window.” And off she went.
Didn´t think anything strange about it. Just reacted in the moment. But my friends were kinda baffled, that this was “possible”.
Perhaps my APM seem similar out of the ordinary sometimes?
no idea of course. to me it´s just normal to be ahead of the global cooldowns

a bit of rambling helps
thx mates

If you get repeated bans for in your words ‘playing too efficiently’, why would you continue playing that efficiently?

Shouldn’t the first ban be a warning that whatever you’re doing is setting off the anti-bot detection?

Maybe figure out what you’re doing that sets off the anti-bot software and stop doing that. Don’t repeatedly press ‘engage’ on your drones on the clock, or turn off your macros.

Chatting with other players while your bot is running doesn’t mean your bot isn’t botting.


I might have, if the GM would have left me a clue last time how i triggered the algorithm
Well. Nothing

“Hello bot detection department at CCP, could you please tell me how you figured out I was botting?”

Sorry, that just doesn’t work. Even if you were not botting, they cannot answer that question without helping bot developers write better bots.


Yeah, multiboxing isn’t cheating because multiboxing hasn’t been prohibited by the EULA. And the fact that you don’t like it, doesn’t make it cheating.

Now, you can try making the case to CCP that they should make it against the EULA, but I doubt you’d get very far. They’re a huge plex sink, and most players aren’t opposed to it.

And, yes, multiboxers can control 15 characters without automation. they do so through a combination of excellent execution, making use of “multiboxer-freindly mechanics” (i.e. fleet warp, regroup, drone assist, and auto-target missiles), and organizing their windows and huds in such a way as to minimize mouse movement. But we don’t have to debate this. You can hop on the test server, buy plex for 100 isk a piece, and find out for yourself.

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I don’t believe it.

Botting isn’t like cheating. If there’s no modification of the client/server going on, the only way they can discern a bot is by analyzing input streams and account associations, unless they are using extremely intrusive ways to monitor our computers. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt them to more concretely state which observed instances led to punishment.

They’re not going to ban people for sending a single command repeatedly too quickly; lots of players mash their buttons. But a series of inputs repeated at exact intervals would set off monitoring logic.

Though I’m not sure why CCP would perma-ban people for using convenience macros. Automation, sure, but not something that performs a simple command chain and requires manual activation.

I doubt you’re a false positive, but if you are, there’s literally nothing you can do, because CCP is a private company and is able to operate above the constitutions of the locations in which it operates. That’s the world we live in now, so if you don’t like it, start voting. Hint: you won’t change anything anyway because the reptilians will scramble your brain or put you in a gulag long before you start to become a threat to the establishment.

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But it would be possible to monitor suspicious characters a few minutes. no human player acts “like a bot” for an extended amount of time…
Esp before permabanning

I just did some LvL4s again. Didn´t run any for month… and nearly fumbled the Anomic Sansha Dramiel, cause i forgot to “keep at range” asap
Bots don´t ■■■■ that up, i guess

Just because a player isn’t botting in one site doesn’t prove they weren’t botting in other sites.

The software doesn’t have to run 100% of the time to be against the EULA.

Been playing since 2004, never been banned on any of my, many, characters and I’ve been doing lots of… nefarious things. Same with the forums in that regard.

Not buying it.