Any Experience with repeated unjustified Bans and missing Support?

I’m not saying you have been botting and neither am I saying you have not been botting. I simply do not know for sure.

What I do know is that there are bots in this game and that CCP works on getting rid of them.

To me it sounds like you tried some macros or software to automate your gameplay and got caught. Mutiple times, and now a permanent ban.

Tough luck, next time try to avoid doing what you did. Or find another game to bot in, as I don’t think EVE needs more players who occasionally bot.

Did as i do since 08

But i got a new Laptop, 1 year by now. Win 10 for the 1st time.
I am no hardware geek. May prolonged Keyboard Mashing trigger any automations in Windows?
As hidden quality of life gambits`?
No idea how that should look like, though

low key accusations are not cool


Brevity is the soul of wit.
(Polonius, Act 2 Scene 2)

The lady protests too much, methinks.
(Gertrude, Act 3 Scene 2)

Beeing a native speaker goes a long way at that, I assume

Eve is global

I was responding to the Hamlet post with Hamlet quotes.

it has been seen ^^

When doing several things at once, you are not having two or 3 buttons activating together are you?

Well… Let´s recap a Rattle.

Rats on grid…
Shift click, click, click. click, click, click
Meahnwhile Strg + 3rd Mouse to start drones.
Maybe MTU and Depot out.
choosing my target . F1
choosing Gecko´s target. Drone Attack Button
sometimes pulling another group with Target Painter. sometimes assisting me or the Drone

and so on. you know the drill
there will be a lot of overlap, of course

Even more when playing with a friend in an RR Setup (she sits beside me, so same Router (that´s new since last Winter. maybe a hint? don´t think so though, regarding the multiboxers)

One button click per 1 server tick. If two or more buttons movements are being made within one server tick, that will get flagged as a potential bot / EULA violation.

Ex you can’t press L mouse button and F1/F2 at the same time.

So double clicking is a violation? That must generate lots of false positives.

We all spam click warp and gate jumps and docking buttons and dscan scan button.


Isn´t one Server Tick exactly 1 Second long (squinting on the sub - 2sec Warp → Decloak → Click to lock as you try to tackle → gone Mechanic)?

If that´s really the case, we are all bots, i guess

My APM are in the hundreds sometimes
and Imust be the norm at that

Yes, and it’s not hard. Think there are videos on YouTube showing a guy managing 25 or so


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