Banned For AFK Boosting?

What is going on, how does a Orca pilot get banned for Boosting miners in HS ? Macro use . I dont even have a macro program

You will have to create a support ticket to have a review of your ban, and reversal.

Any sort of automation counts as “macro” use, including programmable gaming pads or programmable mice, and including a weight on the keyboard to keep a key pressed.

The ban may be for automation dragging cans to the ore bay, rather than for the boosting module. In any case, we don’t know, and we cannot do anything about it. Your only option is to create a support ticket and prove to them that you didn’t macro.


BTW, Discussion of Warnings & Bans and the Discussion of Moderation is also a no-no.

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Winner winner chicken dinner.


I may as well get banned because I was automating fighting in Delve. How could I prove I never was there ?

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Do not Discuss warnings and Bans? CCP hasnt replied to my Ticket in over a week how else am i to escelate this?

Like you are doing here.

Any communication between CCP, it’s staff and ISD personnel and you, are not to be discussed or shared on forums or anywhere else. Should you have a problem with actions taken against you, you’re free to submit a support ticket requesting further explanation if you do not understand why such action were taken.

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