12/6/18 Bans for repeated macro use

Many of us are still permanently suspended following the ban wave from the above date, while maintaining that these bans were undeserved as we were not using macros of any kind. We know that Evernus was not responsible for these bans, so rather then continue to use Pete Butcher’s thread we are opening a thread here in General Issues, in the hopes that our issues can be dealt with.
While some bans were lifted, there has been no official comment on the matter, so at this moment, the rest of us do not know where we stand. Any help will be much appreciated.
(And please, save your ‘get rekt botters’ comments, we got enough of that on Reddit :unamused: )


In the same boat with one of my accounts. Ticket created last Tuesday, still waiting on word of some kind from CCP that isn’t just the EULA.

A similar situation. A petition was sent. An answer was received copypaste from EULA. Persons who fall under the wave of this ban, who have nothing to do with botting or use macros, received absolutely identical messages.
Also there is information that individual characters have been unbanned.
Give at least some feedback. Previously, when contacting customer support (several times I applied for payment), there were no problems, moreover, the support service could be cited as an example (as it seemed to me). And now there is only disappointment. :frowning:

Obligatory get rekt botters…


Had some Activity on my Tickets as well but no respond yet … we are all almost 1 week banned now without any word from CCP…

Get botted rekters. :stuck_out_tongue:


This indeed needs bit of clarification, as a lot of legit trading players without any bans so far are concerned that they may get randomly banned as well.


That’s it for today I think, will check in tomorrow.

I dont think they like bans being talked about here. Got to talk to the customer service people.

that is exactly the problem, tickets don’t get answered, accounts don’t get unbanned, officials keep quiet … for 6 days now.
this is a futher attempt to gain the focus/attention of people responsible for this.

Also no update so far…

I have completely stopped trading at all, also everybody else i know ingame… they are all feared that they also get banned if they trade too fast / too much / too long because nobody knows anything. Slowly I get really upset about this and the complete lack of communication from CCP!

Yep, I hear that. How many order refreshes is enough to get you captured as a bot? How many times can I update a price before CCP thinks I’m a robot. Obviously these are questions that dare not be asked because they are the exact same questions bot makers are asking. However, if CCP is going to be catching folks who are just vigilant traders in addition to the bots, these are questions that must realistically be posed so folks can protect their accounts. It’s also something that affects how folks will report others. Should we now report any time someone is updating their orders frequently?

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The logs… they indicate nothing…

Kinda silly thou, all the most die hard traders will try min maxing to achieve the best result which could be seen as a bot, maybe there is a better way of detection that’s clearly seen as inhuman activity.

I just logged into my station trader.
My ban has been lifted, Both tickets are still open.

Interestingly: buy orders still got completed during the ban phase …
which is a bit of unfortunate if you bought dozens of accelerators on day one (X-pensive) and can’t sell them till they drop to pennies :angry:

but skill queue did stop.

Questions still open to me:

Will this count as 1st strike (with their two strike policy) ?
Why was it a permaban in the first place instead of a temp one (two strike policy anyone ?) ?
Will there be compensation for missing 6 days on an omega account ?
Does this take me into risk getting banned again for trading (too fast/much) ?
Does this take my other accounts into risk getting banned too ?

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wow… I am Happy for you… I just checked mine is still banned… ahrghhhh why am I the last one :smile:

Don’t worry I’m still banned too. But maybe they’re still working on it as we speak(?).

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I am glad that another trader 's account now free to play again! My ban was lifted on friday in the morning and my tickets are still open and without any answer. Still no compensation or even “sorry”. I traded very active this weekend and wasn’t banned again…

thank you guys for making this thread its frustrating to say at the least.I know its not easy for ccp support to go through all tickets fast, but I’d appreciate if someone from their security team let us know if they are working on the issue.Its been several days.

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Ban everyone… let Bob sort them out.