Ticket solving / reaction time of CCP

Hey guys,

i issued a ticket on 24th February about two of my accounts banned. I got a response on 4th of march on how to recover them. I im mediately followed all steps necessary and am now waiting another 2 weeks.

To say it frankly: I am totally pissed off by this lack of service. In my opinion the quality of a company revealy itself in how they react to complaints (here: tickets) - on one hand the reaction time, on the other the way they solve this.

This is quite annoying not being able to play for nearly one month.



You might have been hit in their latest wave of ‘bot bans.’

I have no idea how they determine you are a bot, and I have no doubt that false positives are amongst the mix.

Sorry that you might be one of them. There’s always alpha level, which some of us play while we decide if this is still a space for us…

Sorry to not be much help other than, I feel ya, bro. That’s it. They do what they do.

If your accounts were banned, you are suspected of violating the EULA or TOS. It will require a fair bit of research on CCP’s part to determine if they made a mistake. If they decide they made a mistake, they will likely provide restitution otherwise the ban may be permanent.

Hi Do Little,

they told me that they banned my accounts due to hacking of my accounts - just a suspicion.

To tell me that cost them nearly two weeks.

After that i followed protocol ro regain my accounts - and nothing. For more than two weeks now. Absolutely ridiculous.

In a time where player-amount and staying in business seems to be a serious question to CCP they should at least pamper the players who are still paying to play and intend to stay.

I put in a ticket recently and it was resolved in a few hours. Perhaps they treat botting bans differently as they probably should

Account issues take longer. I had my account go inactive once even though I paid for the time. They resolved it in a couple days and the game me some extra time for the inconvenience.

Tickets regarding bans require special attention as no two scenarios are the same. Tickets are also responded too in the order they are received based on severity. It does take some time but this is so no detail is missed. As this answers your statement I will go ahead and close this.