Trying to help a corp member, help!

Hi every one.
I have a corp member who would like carrier steering wheel, but from his side, he is not so quick on the keyboard and mouse as he suffers from ALS, and plays with the lower lip and one toe. is there a way to help him? macro? something that could help him? someone who has a suggestion ??

The issue is macros are generally against the rules, one input one action ingame, he can try contacting support for a specific ruling but generally speaking i wouldn’t advise the use of a macro

Like Cypherous said.

He needs to ask and prove that he’s disabled.

Thx for the answer guys, it is ofc a legal method im looking for :+1:

first - talk to CCP about this, I hear they are helpful with these things.

Also, maybe these people might have ideas:


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