Need help from gm or isd on this Voiceattack app

I have a question abut a program called voiceattack that is a program that can start and stop skills in any or almost any games.
It is made for ppl with disabilities so they can use their voice to do things in apps and games almost any thing.
Is this tool okay to use in eve as it provide no benefit it only acts as a input comand as if you press the button ones self.
I ask as i have a friend with a disabilities to her hands and thus she have trubble playing some games.
this is the program i speak of

I recall someone using it on a live stream at least 3 years ago but haven’t heard of It since make a petition and ask directly

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Yeah that might be best thing in this. :slight_smile:
Then i have made a ticket on the issue. :wink:

Just by a first look at the web page does it say there:


So that’s going to be a no. Macros aren’t allowed as far as I understand the EULA.

yeah i also did see that and that is why i ask before she try and use it in game.
but some games allow it as star trek online i know allow it and others. but best to ask and be shure before using things like this.
As my friend have MS and have impaired hand abilities she benefit by using this as she is not fast enough with her fingers to press buttons and all under all situations.

And she did also get to use it in games, by documenting that she do have MS and need it.

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That’s the only thing that will possibly allow her to use it and she’ll have to lead with that.

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Yep well i have made a ticket on it. so we will see how it goes :slight_smile: but thanks for replies.

While the app Is paving with the best intention for Disabled users, ISD and Users on the forums are not the ones to make the decision. A Support Ticket asking a GM Member is the best way to go about getting you answer.

yep i have gotten an answer from GM so you can close this post isd :slight_smile: