Is voice attack allowed or not?

I was thinking about the possibility of using voice attack. I saw some stuff including a youtube guide of how to use it in eve and some stuff on twitter. " years ago it was a bannable offence due to eula. Its not a macro just another way of pushing buttons i thought.

I also found some info not sure on how vlid it was that ccp wont persecute certain things even though they are against the eula. Sounds like trolls trying to get folk banned.

Is it still completely banned ?

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Before you use it, send me your stuff :rofl:


Probably be best to ask. But as long as the commend doesn’t cover more than one input, I personally can’t see it being a problem.

The only way to get an official answer is to make a support ticket and ask the GM’s.

If you need to ask, it still is.

Unless you have a physical disability that makes you unable to use keyboard and mouse you are not allowed to use any such programs or devices.

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are we tied to specific brands of kbd an mouse?

what about track balls and joysticks?

may i use Guitar Hero

do we need to provide medical documents to CCP?

Cortana, send this message


Make support call. Nobody here has authority on that matter.

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Yes, CCP may very well ask you to send in medical documentation as proof of disability.


Not sure if he is still part of Goons but a player, by the name of Gommel Nox, is or atleast have been playing EVE quite well for a person with disabilites such as his.

Here’s a twitch stream from 2 years ago:

Some background story about him:


There seems to be some misconceptions about the use of third party software/hardware.

rapid keystrokes or other patterns that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play, used within 3rd party software is not allowed.

This is clearly note in item 3 of license.

In the same license rule it clearly states;

We may, in our discretion, tolerate the use of applications or other software that simply enhance player enjoyment in a way that maintains fair gameplay.

So as long as no repeating rapid command are used or botting software is used most voice software and gaming hardware software all enhance game play.
All they do is replicate keyboard commands.

But using rapid macros and botting software gives unfair advantage to player using it, this breaches the EULA.

I’d love to see CCP provide an offical VoiceAttack profile, i know how long it takes just to get voice software setup to recognize one persons voice. This can take ages, and it you get a cold or anything that effects your voices its almost unusable.

The commands themselves are too hard to setup, but getting voice command to activate it might be harder depending on environment of where recording is done and condition of speakers voice.

Gaming hardware software is easy in comparision to setup commands with.

sooo… CCP oficially violates HIPAA

CCP Is not American though.

And as it is your choice to provide the information in the first place, I dont see how it would violate it.

You are prefectly entitled to ask what their Data Protection policies are, and Im of the opinion they are probably better than what’s required in the US.

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ccp officially works with USA customers,
takes US currency as payment,
must comply with US laws

lol sure.

And this doesn’t change that HIPAA doesnt apply if its information freely given to operate within an organisation provided that organisation complies with its own required Data Protection, which is not US law and so therefore, no, no it doesn’t.

yea i see you skipped “HIPAA” part

Where in that sentence do you suggest it goes?

Especially when you say

As a paramedic let me explain HIPAA, medical workers are bound by it, insurances companies are bound by it and any other company that has access to it for buisness, eg research or testing purposes, CCP is not one of those.

Support ticket would have solved this probably few days ago already.