Key shortcuts not captured by Eve on Proton

When playing with Eve on Proton on Linux, I notice that some key shortcuts such as come to a stop with CTRL+SPACE or first midslot such as MWD activate with ALT_L-F1 don’t work if they’re bound to a shortcut on the desktop environment. For example CTRL+SPACE brings up my launcher search bar, or ALT_L-F1 brings up a overview of my virtual workspaces.

It seems the desktop environment processes the keybinds before Eve and Eve doesn’t use them even when set.

Is this a known problem with Proton and Eve? Is it Proton or is it Eve that’s at fault?

And no I don’t want to remap my desktop environment (or Eve) keybinds. Eve should process them first when it is foreground shouldn’t it?

This means I have to play Eve using the GUI controls and not use key shortcuts where there is a conflict.

Eve is full screen and set to foreground. DE is Cinnamon (based on Gnome). Proton 5.0-10 (and no I cannot run later Proton versions due to launching issues).

I’ve only seen this problem with Eve on Proton. No other game (yet).

I’m having the same problem with the key binds. At first it messed me up but the key is still set up the same way as if you played in Windows 10. The Alt_L-F1 is the same as Alt-F1 where Alt_L is reference to the Left Alt key. Don’t have to bind the key they are working well. I believe this is just a weird way proton identify the key bind.

The key that open the linux interface i just swapped them. I think linux system commands overruns the proton commands and this messes up the keys in game.

The ALT problem in Linux is a problem when I run EVE thru the Linux Launcher. Surprisingly, EVE thru Lutris works a lot better, rarely I get the ALT key problem while alt tabbing and dscan. In my Linux Launcher EVE… its a big problem, everytime I alt tab I have to depress the ALT key a few times before attempting to dscan (V) or it will launch that horrible big window with your character’s stats. Personally, I arrange modules to use only the first row F1-F8, and only leave modules on the mid and low for items I can turn on once and leave on for awhile. F1 to F8 are my main controls, for guns, repairs, paint, web/scram, mining strips, or even command bursts.

Id suggest try Lutris, but I really never use the mid and low rows, and I dont use virtual workspaces for my clients. I run 2 monitors, and I spread my 5 clients between them. Alt tabbing between them on lutris is rarely a problem with the ALT key, so I can easily dscan. But on my regular linux launcher install its a total nightmare, if I forget to depress ALT a few times, I’ll get that horrible stats window when all I need to do is dscan ;(

It’s not just the ALT keys, also tagging using 1…2… and A…B…C etc.

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