Quality of Life Improvements

Hello, can you guys talk to CCP about developing some more quality of life improvements such as the following:

Client Scaling that supports as low as 70% instead of 90%
Channel Admin changes that allow you to drag and drop contacts into the allowed portion of a channel instead of requiring us to search each corp/alliance/member individually. (moderated mode)
Graphics Presets (so you can make profiles in the ESC menu that you can load on any account)
Support for F13-F24 keys

Good ideas all!!!

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try using this instead.

Using what? you didn’t follow that up with anything.

I was pointing the OP to the official QoL thread .

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Besides the link given by Geo E. Oksaras which is the correct place to post it, I’d also like to add that QoL changes are done in the Devs’ free-time and not something they are obligated to do, not that I know of.

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Google it

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Fair! :smiley:

Wow, I had no idea that was a thing on PCs too!
We used to have that on the Commodore 64!

I can not see me using this EVER, but hey! :smiley:

If we can map f13-f24 and people come out with programs for their mouse’s that also support f13-f24 you now have 12 keys you can program for macros, right now windows supports F13-F24 and has it in its code. The common issue with programmable mice is that you often have to set a macro to each button with a combination of key presses to achieve your bind but that can screw things up in games and may not work, setting up a single key is much more simplistic and allows the user the ability to use a key that is not used for typing or macros to achieve a key bind. Take for instance Broadcast Shield if I had it on F13 and bound my mouse to broadcast F13 when I press whatever key I bind it to than I would achieve a very easy setup.

Windows has a set number of programmable keys, you cannot add to it or take away from it and that is why we use macros and combination key presses. But if we expand our compatibility to include what is already there we can allow yourself to use keys that aren’t used for anything except what you want them to be.

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