Mark My Orders - washed out and doesnt stand out enough

Give back the nice blue color that was removed, Stop making ridiculous changes that make the game more of a pain in the ass to play.

Fix the left boarders on all screens so that we can Drag-Highlight-Select from the left side.

The left/right sliders for overview tabs undocked is invisible, simply make them a vertical line.

Thanks for fixing the broken scroll functions and thx for fixing the problem that prevented scroll down from actually hitting the bottom.

Please fix the broken HyperNet create feature. It doesnt work more than once without restarting the window with close and reopen.

Thanks for making the Red Dot fiasco end with something nice looking.

Remove war HQs and get CCP back to being a neutral third party instead of a nullsec only thing.

Thats all for now… oh and when I send complaints to CCP about abuse of power issues on the fourms and Discord… they are being handled by the guy who is abusing his roles and deleted. I do not read forums btw, I simply post and dont look back for at least a month.


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