[February] Little things in the February release

Does this mean you can no longer command a drone to just do a single mining cycle and then stop?

Correct. This was brought up at Fanfest, and so far I have not heard of any good reasons why you would want your drones to just mine once and then idle.

Well considering ore holds are can be even in size 27.5 and 35 come to mind.

When mining ice you may just want a mining drone to mine 1 ice ore and return and idle, instead of having it mine the ice ore return back to the asteroid mine a second ore and then return and not be able to deliver it to your ore hold.

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If you’re baiting and don’t want to fill up your cargohold with ore, to leave some space for loot? :slight_smile:

Actually I can provide one that I use.
When mining you don’t want to mine a site with a rorqual totally as you are then unable to panic if hostiles appear before you leave grid. With an ore anomaly this is easily done by leaving some mercoxit that can be finished by a mining barge/frigate/exhumer. When it comes to ice everything can actually be mined by a rorqual and you have a much decreased cycle time. I use the single cycle to make sure I don’t accidently finish off the last of the ice.

I love you, thank you from a man with old eyes


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Dear @CCP_karkur,
please don’t hold it against me, but I wish that we could have a better fitting management.

What I have in mind is a way to delete all fittings in the fitting browser with one click and subsequent question if I really want to do this and a reminder to export the fits to a file(name of your choice) first or you could not delete them that way.

I am managing currently about 600 different fits in 4 different files but I am using the corporation fits and my personal ones to do this and when I have to delete 250 fits, that means I have to click 500 times to do so and import the other file.

That makes managing those fits very difficult and I have to change those fits quite often to accommodate changes or changing modules or module names or even now ships like the triglavian ones.

The good thing is that you added the export function many years ago, which helps to backup the files, which I just put into a cloud storage, so I cannot lose them.

The corporation fittings can hold up to 300 fits and I recently had to delete all of my sleeper cruiser ones, which can have many different configurations to yet another file I cannot work on without compromising my right wrist.

At some point I will have to quit EVE just because I will no longer be able to move my right wrist because of those small wrist movements on the mouse pad.

Hi, @CCP_karkur was just wondering if I could have an estimate on when the mirroring will take place?
Its this month I assume but beginning /mile/end?
Reason being I’m still alpha on that server so I can’t check what i need to

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