[February] Singularity Feedback Thread

Greetings Tenacious Testers!

The EVE Dev team have been working on another package of tweaks, fixes and improvements for the February release, which have reached the our public test server Singularity in today’s update. As a result, we’ve opened the server to the public once more and are looking for intrepid capsuleers to log in, tell us what they think, and (as always) cause a few things to explode spectacularly! :smiley:

Without further ado, here are a few details of some of the more pertinent changes.

Item Tracking:

We are introducing a system to track new items in the Inventory, Hangars, and PLEX Vault via icon badging, UI breadcrumbs, and tooltips. Our goal with these changes are to make it easier to find new items in the game.

A badge on the Inventory icon in the NEOCOM counts the amount of unseen items the player has in the current location. On acquiring the item, a tooltip will also be temporarily shown. If the player opens the Inventory window, a red highlight will mark inventory containers where new items have been placed.

We only track private inventory containers:

  • Ship Cargo in space
  • Item Hangar and Ship Hangar in stations / structures
  • PLEX Vault globally

Inside these inventory containers the new items will be shown on top and will be marked with a red highlight.

While in a station or structure, highlighting on unseen items is also shown in Personal Assets and in Station Service Hangars. Additionally, Station Service Hangar tabs are highlighted like inventory containers.

Number Entry Fields:

We’ve made improvements to all number entry fields in the game, so that thousand separators are automatically added (eg “1,000,000” rather than “1000000”). In the past, having these fields not format for easy readability has caused a significant amount of headaches for pilots and our Player Experience team. We hope this change will make number fields much more readable and less prone to errors!

This change is very far reaching and as such is likely to cause problems in a number of weird and wonderful ways. We ask all capsuleers who spend time on Singularity to keep an eye out for any issues in windows that contain number entry fields.

Issues could include (but are not limited to):

  • Windows failing to open
  • Fields accepting too many or too few decimal places
  • Highlighting issues
  • Copy/Pasting issues

Pertinent Known Issues

  • Market is failing to load, showing a “Market is not ready” error message
  • Some pilots may experience flickering when transitioning into and out of hangars
  • Inability to open the market settings window

If nothing significant turns up during the testing period these changes will be released in the February patch. As always, if you wish to help, head on over to Singularity and get involved!


Excellent! So when exactly will the server be open?

Has the idea of being able to write “10B” in a number field and it becoming 10,000,000,000 been considered at all?


Please tell me this isn’t all that’s in the February patch? Comma’s and a “look what’s new” icon?

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DIDI back online. login now

@CCP_Lebowski Thanks for setting this test up for us! I’ve poked around a bit, and found a potential issue with the number field change, I’ve tested it with HyperNet Create Offer, but not other fields.

This is what appears in the Create Offer section of the HyperNet Relay UI when you fill the “Total price” field with as many digits as possible (I used digit ‘9’, it was changed to this value automatically):


Once this erroneous value is displayed, the “up” arrow key or on-screen UI button produces this result:

The field can only be re-set if either the field is manually cleared or the “up” arrow key or on-screen UI button is pressed; the “down” key and UI button do not function.

around 01:27 and market still isn’t working.

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Any chance SISI market can be re-enabled? Would be nice to have a place to log into when TQ is on fire…

Market showing items noow but - Same message " The market is not ready…"

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The market broke unfortunately (yeah, bugs can happen on a test server) and will need a patch.

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was it patched?

any chance we can have zirnitra?

Thanks this is awesome, any chance for a mirror so we can test our own things too?

Thanks, we now have a fix for this in the works :slight_smile:

The market looks like its working again now. EDIT: And it broke again :stuck_out_tongue:

The only things mentioned here are things we’re currently looking to focus the public testing on. As always with these test server feedback threads, It doesn’t represent the entirety of the patch.


I im in sisi at 13:14 and the markt shows that “Market not ready”

Yup, it works for all of 20 minutes before dying again. We’re looking into it :smiley:

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market works again. but sadly no zirnitra seeded :frowning:

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are you sure? Currently it’s 14:10 and my market still says “Market not ready”

was able to buy 15 leshaks and charon,it worked only for few minutes

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Awesome :smiley:

Oh…and I was in a shitty mood yesterday because my computer was fighting me just as much as the DDOS was, so I got no eve time. I didn’t actually mean to be a raging prick with that statemetn :D. Ya’ll are awesome as always!

22:13, a day later, market still broken. Please fix, or shut it down as at this point it’s a waste of electricity.

Market isn’t really needed to test the things that CCP want testing.