[February] Singularity Feedback Thread

You can’t buy any ships or anything to test their things with. If thats the case there, then they shouldn’t have put it back up in the first place.

They already said it needs a patch to fix it, so one will happen soon

Yeah, but if something to do with the current build bricks the market then it def will to be fixed before being pushed to TQ

Yup. Market worked for a bit and then crashed. Can’t see a way to test those new numbers things. :]

Thanks guys :smiley:

So, yuou are saying you don’yt have to fill in any number fields to buy or sell stuff on the market?

31st. 02:17. market is still broken btw.

I think at the moment they are busy with TQ problems

ddos attacks are moving human resources from sisi to tq… looks like ccp banned big botter because addos attacks started around 10-12 january. i hope they will fix the problem.

Hey all,

Quick update for today, the first fix for the market issue has not been successful, so unfortunately it’s unlikely that the market will be working this weekend.

Apologies for the inconvenience, I’m optimistic we’ll get a fix working early next week, more updates when I have them!

One final update for the week: Unfortunately Singularity will be taken down for the weekend. It should be back on Monday.

Apologies again for the inconvenience!

My humble little imput. Market was working flawlessly for me whole 30 minutes before shutdown, just saying.

this is disguising. you fix market and take sisi away… shame on you. we want more details what is going on.

this weekend sisi geting shut down

pls dont take sisi down let us play do it oever next week pls


Can’t connect to TQ either, so an EVE-free weekend it is. Not that I could do anything on TQ anyway but at least I had SiSi, although the no market thing was annoying.

not sure I’m in the right place. but I’ll post it anyway.
I"m not able to get into singularity, Account mngt team suggest posting into a thread here.
I get a webpage that says the site can’t be reached.
sisilogin.testeveonline.com refused to connect.
Any suggestion, help, reactivation??..??? Thank you guys.

might wanna see this

Singularity is now back!

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where is zirnitra? can we have it on sisi?