[May]New UI Pointer Tool (feedback and help with testing appreciated :))

Hey all,

Singularity was updated today with new code and included is a little feature we have been working on that we’d like to ask you for some feedback on and help with testing, especially if you are active in helping newbros with their first steps in EVE.

At Fanfest and EVE Vegas events, we have a few times heard the wish from you guys to be somehow be able point a player to a specific thing on their screen. At EVE Vegas 2018, this was once again brought up, and that got us thinking more about it, and we came up with something we hope will meet your use cases without allowing for griefing or inconveniencing other players.

This feature is scheduled to be released in the May release.
Before going more into it, I should state that this feature has not been slated for any release right now, we just want to start getting your feedback and see where it goes.

So this is how it works

  • A new window, Pointer Window, which lists many common UI element has been added
  • Currently this window can only be opened by a shortcut (Windows>OpenPointerTool)
  • From this window, you can drag any of the listed elements to chat (or the Notepad or other text fields) and a link is created
  • When anyone then clicks this link, a UI pointer is created on their client, pointing to the element (if the element is visible on the screen). If the element is not visible, a message is displayed to say so.
  • The new window does not have be open for the link to work
  • These links have their own color and are blue.
  • The pointers created will time out after 2 seconds, but the links can always be clicked again.
  • The new window has a mode where the UI elements you can point to are highlighted with blue frames. Holding down CTRL while mousing over those highlighted elements will find the corresponding element in the new window.
  • The universal search will return UI elements if they are found

You can currently point to the following

  • All Neocom buttons (those not in the Necom itself will point to the E, with extra info on what subgroup they are in)
  • Most Selected Items buttons (we removed some POS buttons we didn’t feel were needed)
  • Autopilot
  • Autopilot Settings
  • Capacitor
  • Cargo Hold Button
  • Drone Settings
  • Drone Window
  • Effects Bar
  • First Person Camera
  • Fleet Broadcasting Icons
  • Fleet Settings
  • HUD Settings
  • Info Panel
  • Module Slots
  • Neocom
  • Neocom Menu
  • Notification Feed
  • Orbit Camera
  • Overview
  • Overview Settings
  • Safety
  • Scanners
  • Station Services
  • Stop Ship
  • Tactical Camera
  • Tactical Overlay
  • Undock Button

Update: The following pointers have been added in a development branch:

  • Station service buttons (which are not a part of the Neocom)
  • Clock and Calendar
  • Open Channel Window(through + button)
  • Current Fit
  • Skillqueue
  • Pilot Service Tab
  • Augmentations Tab
  • Standing tab in Charactersheet
  • Target Anchor
  • Inventory View buttons
  • Fits (in fitting window)
  • Recruitment Tab
  • My Applications Tab
  • Color Setting in map
  • Contract Availability Filter
  • Variation Tab
  • Fleet Finder Tab
  • Fleet Finder Settings
  • Route in Info Panels

The general idea is that people helping others can say things like

  • Ok, now open the Overview Settings ” instead of “Ok, to open the Overview Settings, click on the little icon in the upper left corner of the Overview”.
  • To change route to shortest open the Autopilot Settings” rather than "Ok, you know where you see the current solarsystem in the left hand side of the screen? Below that it says ‘Route’, and there is an A icon next to it, click on that."

Example of clicking the Fleet link (when the button is not in the Neocom)

Are there more elements you would like to be able to point to?

Please share your thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:

Known issues:

  • Chat is listed in the window, but the link does not work (fixed internally)
  • Neocom buttons under the “overflow arrow” can’t be pointed to (fixed internally)
  • Neocom menu pointer points up rather than to the side (fixed internally)
  • There is some logspam (don’t worry about it) (fixed internally)
  • The Effects bar can only be pointed to if there is something in it. (fixed internally)
  • The highlight frames are not correctly updated when docking/undocking (fixed internally)
  • There is a “Reload window” button at the top of the Pointer Window that normally should not be there.

List of other suggested UI elements (from this thread):

  • Acceleration gate

Cool idea and will see use in rookie help chat but trying it out demands multiple accounts or a partner.

On the next eve pulse could you use a split screen to show the effect?


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Nice job! This will be extremely useful.

Would love to see specific pointers for station services, especially Character Customization (quite popular question actually) and Loyalty Point Store.

“Calendar” could point on clock area if button is hidden in Neocom menu (or always).

Other pointers off the top of my head:
“Open Channel Window” ("+" tab button)
“Nearest Acceleration Gate” (another popular “stuck on mission” issue for new players)

One I am not sure how to show is the Drag your fit to the window.


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You can always click on the links yourself, and pretend you are a different character that just got sent that link :slight_smile:

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Suggest being able to point to the button that opens the fleet window itself - the little three chevron button that opens the fleet window.

I admit I burst out laughing, because I have said EXACTLY those examples you listed (although I usually say, “On the upper left side of the screen, below that it says ‘Route’…”).

I am absolutely in love with this idea, and really hope you can make it happen on Tranquility! This is something I definitely would use during our monthly NewBro Roams!


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If I keep talking to myself folks my start to wonder (good idea though)


sounds intriguing. I’ll have to get time to get on SiSi to try it out.

Excellent starting point, particularly with the link system. Allows players to build tutorial mails with the links sprinkled in at various steps.

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This is fascinating!

Is it always a textbox appearing next to the link-target?

You’re doing it all with a mark-up language, and the client must be aware of the locations of literally all the things, to be able to link to them. Does that translate into the capability of literally linking to every- and anything?

Can you make it so we can hover the mouse cursor over a known star in space …
… and it shows information about the star and the system with its name on?

Or maybe a right-click?
And make it linkable, too, so we can share a link to the map?

There’s a lot of room for creativity with this!

Looking at the screen (space) gives no feeling of “vastness” out there, because the player has nothing to connect with. Despite space being literally everywhere, being in it actually does not give a feeling of “size”. It lacks something tangible!

Seeing the green lines of the “navigational computer” helps, but it is passive!
We can not hover over the systems on a route and we are unable to show the whole route at once!

We lack the ability to explore space more like Astronomers would, who literally stare into the distance! Our “distance” is the space we see on screen! Nowadays, IRL, one can point mobile phones at space! Combined with GPS and magic it then tells you the name of the star, constellation and whatever else!

Amazing! : D

You could give us the ability to plot a course using the stars in space! The ability to explore the cluster this way would add greatly to the feeling of vastness, a feeling of futuristic…ness and the feeling of explorability of the cluster!


Hey, this linking of things one can point others at is great! It gave me this idea!
Technically speaking I’m not totally off-topic. :blush:

Sooo … how bad is it? : D


20:17:45 Notify This element (Open Corporation Deliveries) doesn’t appear to be on your screen right now
20:18:02 Notify This element (Open Corporate Hangar) doesn’t appear to be on your screen right now

sadly you just removed these items :frowning:
(in addition to the other hangar shortcuts ships & Items)

also missing all items in Character Sheet (Skillqueue, Imps, Standing, Pilot’s Service, …)

This feature has some potential especially for the helpchat(s).
I also like the subtree blinking for E neocom menue.

Nice idea @CCP_karkur … But what about the suggestion made several times as well to have the actual mousepointer scale so you can actually find it on resolutions like 4K … And no, the mouse pointer does not scale up when you use the UI scaling option in settings.

This is a good idea. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see a prospective feature like this opened for public consideration. I like what I see here, and I think that the only thing to add about the feature itself would be to embed the pointer ‘client’ in the game client itself and make access to it an opt-in advanced feature from the launcher.

As for feedback on the point-to items, I think it would also be useful to be able to provide a limited context message with the pointer instructions. I.e. 140-200 character message customized for the purposes of instruction and user/mentor definable.

This would go an incredibly long way for groups like Horde, RvB, and EVE University which often host public classes. It would also bode well for content creators like myself who focus on educating newbros.


Some fleet commands themselves, like if FC puts in fleet chat the gate is red like GATE:RED, the gate the fleet around gets a popup like that the gate is red. or Drones:in or Mine:veldspar we all remember how to align, right? =)

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Some other pointers:

  • Target list anchor
  • Probe scanner window elements, notably: Recover Active Probes, Filtered Results, Probe Size modifier.

Some kind of direct pointer for “Tutorial videos” and “Corporation Search” would be nice, but that probably will require creating their own Neocom entries. These two are well hidden in UI and underappreciated.

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Brave Dojo Sensei here. Here’s my pre-coffee thoughts.

How to get to list view on inventory.
Hamburger menu highlight on different windows
Links with in the fitting window, like where to find Corp fits. Or even slot locations
Corp invites
Things within the map tool, like jump gates.
Things within the contract tool.
How to set home station deathclones or jump clones.
Where to find things in the character tab like current augmentations, or how to drag a loss or kill from the character window.
Things within modules like attributes or variations.
Pointer to find like “my alliance fleets” in fleet window.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll edit after coffee if I think of anything.


waiting till a spy links to the industry window in 1% tidi to kill off any indy players

This probably isn’t possible, but the ability to point to things in the settings screen would be amazing. That’s difficult to do normally because as soon as you press escape you can’t see the chat window anymore.

No one can take control over your computer. Let’s say a spy posts a link to the industry window:

  • you see the link in chat
  • it has special color, so you should know it’s a pointer link
  • nothing more happens if you don’t click on the link
  • if you do click on the link, the pointer points to the industry button in the neocom, it does not open the window.
  • if you, an experienced indy player, then decide since some rando was pointing you to the industry window, that you should probably open it in middle of 1% tidi fight… well, then you might die I guess :grin: