[May]New UI Pointer Tool (feedback and help with testing appreciated :))

Off-topic but related, what would it cost to make all windows unblocking, and loading content asynchronously, to avoid freezing the whole client every time you open industry or assets, or agency, etc.?

wow, that is very Nice Stuff

One thing I would like is the name on the fitting screen that one drags to chat to show the fit.

Another is (and I may have missed it) how to logoff, out of the game

Last is Kill report

but overall? fantastic stuff


This feature will be release in May, with the list of pointers listed in the original post (it has been updated since I first posted it).
Please test it out and report it if you find any bugs so we can fix them before release :slight_smile:

calendar could link to the clock (1 click vs 3 clicks) [edit: the available element “clock and calendar” do the trick :)]
some other elements i listed earlier in this thread still missing (decorations, killrights, clones, skin, …). and whats available have a strange behavior.

16:40:54 Notify This element (Pilot Services) doesn’t appear to be on your screen right now
16:41:31 Notify This element (Augmentations) doesn’t appear to be on your screen right now

If i open up the Charsheet then “Pilot Services” will be correctly highlighted, but for Augmentations i have to go to the right subsection “Character” in the charsheet to bringing the highlight to work.
Better would be the navigation like the elements in Neocom, show the path in the highlightwindow to “charsheet” and also like in Neocom let the subelements blink (if possible).

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