Devblog: EVE Online: Invasion - New Pointer Tool!

This tool would indeed be a great help. Perhaps then, this may be an appropriate time and place to ask for a day to acknowledge and celebrate all the helpers and mentors in EVE, current and past?

I took a very long break, but in the year+ since I’ve returned, I haven’t seen anything like an event or something to show these individuals some love. They don’t do it for freebies or the spotlight or any such stuff, they just do it out of their good nature. However, I am asking for perhaps a yearly day of events/celebration for all the helpers that have assisted me and the many many past and new players, and likely greatly improved their initial experience of the game. :innocent:


And yet the most important new pointer we needed was for the mouse pointer to scale with the UI. It still doesn’t on a high resolution screen the pointer is literally only 2mm in size. I’m always loosing the thing. Only been making this small request for the last 10 years.


Where’s the good stuff tho?

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Guess it fits with EVE UI design philosophy: user is confused by the UI? Replace user. :woman_shrugging:


Can we take it a step further and have an FC push the Align button for his fleet members?:joy:


Awesome new content that oh hang on this is to point people to where ccp removed them in the first place. you sure ccp isn’t a government run game ?


And the hangar eyelash inside the station when it will come back?
greetings o7

So we can tell them how to switch safety to red to get the cool blinking red scull (a commonly requested feature)? Great change!!

Rookie chat will soon be even more entertaining to watch. :partying_face:

Happy to help the next generation of targe… er… I mean pilots.


Wow I feel personally attacked. :rofl:

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Thanks for the life improvements. Everything helps. Was just trying to explain this stuff to a friend who came back to EVE. o7

As hinted weeks ago in the early feedback thread this feature only work for some elements if they are already open (like Standings, Skillqueue, Augmentations).

The Charactersheet need the same tooltip with the path to find them like elements hidden in Neocom!

btw: the Skillqueue could link to the little bar below the own char picture

Used it earlier today. Feels very early stages at present but it could have legs. Things like the start convo (and many others) just do odd things.

The problem with the UI is there’s a million ways to do things and even this shows some odd behaviour and probably not how you’d describe to a rookie. Example: launch drones. Who selects a 1 drone and then uses the selected item window to launch? No one

I tried it as well and can see how useful it would be to help a new player.

This is a great tool!. I wondering though if u have considered the unintented consequences? I dont men someone can Misuse it. I mean:

Its for Player 1 to be able to point out something on Player 2’s screen by selecting it from a list.

So why wont people like Player 2 just go to the list and pick it themselves, Like have it pop up on their own screen, or click the generated link.

Seems like a great self-help tool.

I love it!

Starts spamming [Undock Button ]>> [UNDOCK] in local

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Well, I tried to stop the Triglavian Invasion yesterday, I tried different expensive ships for it…

I’m not sure, but I think I heard Zorya Triglav whispering: “Ha, ha… he, he, he. Yo, Make Marauders great again! … Marauders great again!”

Can we get a 2 step pointer added to “Rt Click” and “set ship name”?

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