Please fix toolbar on left side of screen

Used to be, when you were a new character, your toolbar was full of the useful tabs for various aspects of eve life. for some reason, you guys decided to remove all of them and shove them into a drop down menu. You can probably look back at the rookie chat logs to see how often we have to tell newbeans where to find those tabs that used to be on the toolbar by default.
In essence, your qol change concerning this made it more intimidating for new players, as they have to search for absolutely everything now.
Please, be a dear and revert it back to how it was just a few months ago. They shouldn’t be forced to be this confused by the UI. the game is complex enough as it is.

Thank you.

EDIT: before the trolls start attacking, I’m an alt of a character that’s been playing since mid 2018. not as long as most of you, but long enough to know how frustrating it is when you start this game.


I have just set up an alt and was also faced by this empty tool bar. My solution was to go through all the drop down menus, systematically, which I would not normally do. Then I did a drag and drop to the left hand menu, of any tabs that seemed useful to me. Problem solved and it also left me with a customised (and much smaller than usual) menu.


Same experience for me, made a new account started new character looked at the UI and… “where did all the buttons go?”. Then, because I know they’re there, moved all the usual ones back to where they used to be (and should be).

The UI is already difficult enough for newbies. Hiding the most obvious, useful and important windows and buttons is not helping them.


there is a new help system coming … you can point buttons and stuff to new players …


I can’t even imagine how cognitively challenged people are nowadays.


I don’t see how it is a bad thing for the game when useful options are ‘shoved’ in a few logical categories of drop down menus, instead of putting all of the options immediately in the face of a first minute newbie player.

Keep the screen simple and compact. There’s already enough unknown new things on the screen for new players anyway.

If the newbie player is not able to navigate dropdown menus on his own and is not able to ask others for help in for example rookie chat, I doubt the newbie player will last long in EVE.

Dropdown menus are better than having everything on screen from the start. You’re free to drag the things you frequently use to that bar.

FFS! You can “build” your own taskbar.


Thank you all for your replies.
to be clear, this is about making it easier for new players to come into the game, not about how well veteran players can customize an empty toolbar.

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I understand that. But I believe that new players benefit from having fewer buttons on that bar. A player entering the game doesn’t need immediate access to his industry window, fleet or corporation window. Put the bare basics such as a wallet, market, chat channels and map on the bar. Too many buttons is only a distraction.


The new bar looked pretty sparse to me when I tried the current NPE on a new character - to see how the NPE looks.

However the old bar was by default a bit too busy. The current default may be a bit too minimal.

Personally I rarely use anything more than the Cargo/Inventory button, People & Places magnifying glass, Star Map, Market chart icon, my Wallet Z icon, Personal Assets box, Journal icon. I guess new players should have the Agency icon on by default as well, which makes 8 icons (plus your Character Sheet) - a fairly small but manageable list.

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Sadly, trolls find it difficult to comprehend the actual discussion. Generally they just jump on the first ‘opportunity to insult and belittle’ they can, without actually comprehending what they read.

This says much more about their intelligence level than it does about the person they are trying to insult.

To break it down to baby-talk, so that Nicolai has a chance to understand it (a very small chance) - a new player won’t know there are other menu icons they can drop and drop. If they open the NeoCom menu, they will be confronted with an array of tabs, each of which has another array of sub-options, and won’t have the experience or knowledge to know which ones would be helpful on their menu bar.

When you are designing an interface for people who by definition, do not know about the game in advance, it is wise to place the most useful, applicable icons close at hand, and remove the clutter.


Someone needs nap time.
I am in rookie chat all the time. I help rookies learn where things are and how to perform in almost any avenue of gameplay in eve. It becomes difficult to explain the entire ui to a new player when nearly everything is hidden behind 3-4 clicks of the mouse.
The wallet isnt even on the default ui anymore. The majority of the difficulty for newer players to get into eve is learning the UI. I do not believe the old toolbar had too many options.
For the examples of the fleet and corp buttons, my example would be the plethora of corp invites that hit new players. We can’t really talk too much about corps in rookie chat because then it appears we’re recruiting. So they need to be able to see how to do even basic research of corps, and it was handy when that function was 1 click away.

As for the guy with the attitude, i’m sorry to have to inform you, but you’re the exact toxic reason a lot of players leave eve, besides the ui learning curve. I don’t know if you need a hug, or a spanking, or a timeout, but you look like a jerk right now.
I hope you’re just having a bad day, because i’d hate to see how ■■■■ your life is if you have this kind of attitude towards everything in life.


You’re quite emotionally immature for believing that him being emotionally open and honest translates into trolling, tells you anything about his intelligence or equals baby-talk. On the contrary. He’s honest. He’s open. He also has proven that he can do better.

If you want to point out immature behaviour, point at those who demand safety. Point at those who demand protection. Point at those who use rookies as excuse to push their horrible agenda. Point at the people who hide from someone who isn’t even there, those who keep asking for more, more more or those who claim that “one more nerf and it’s balanced”, lying through their teeth, moving the goalposts and doing whatever it takes to get what they want.

The list of groups of people who share your rather ■■■■■■ up view does not put you into a good light.

The passive aggressive ones.

the hypocrites.

The liars. The ones who call “sociopaths”. The virtue-signallers. The political correct and those who call for censorship.


Actually created an alt the other day and this is something they changed very recently.

It sucks badly, if you have not created a toon in the last few weeks you need to see this.

Sure you can fix it but it is a pointless Pain in the Ass.


He’s been around for years. If you had his shoes on, you’d understand.

:open_mouth: Whaat! What kind of numpty decision was that? Bad move.

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Actually, somewhat like you, he has difficulty understanding the content of the posts he is replying to, and instead simply uses every thread as an opportunity to troll, insult, or repeat the same ‘PVP über alles’ agenda you’re repeating here.

Nothing I mentioned in this thread even establishes what my ‘view’ on anything about the game is. Nor do the majority of my other posts. The knee-jerk reactionary “EVE is PVP and only PVP” crowd seem to interpret every comment that doesn’t explicitly state that as being against everything EVE.

Try learning to read with comprehension, and responding to the actual written content of the posts you are quoting. It will do you and Nicolai both some good.

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It may not be what us vets are used to, but ask around in rookie chats how the noobs are finding it.

Different generations of gamers have very different ui needs/expectations.

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To all the naysayers, this is what newbies see. Many important or very useful options are gone. And you’re defending CCP in their choice to do that?



It is also a matter of detail that in most games you can’t just drag and drop menus …
Just like you don’t have contextual menus in most programs/games - after playing eve online I can say that every program should have them, even if the only thing to choose is equivalent of “show info” (to display documentation).

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