Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Ability to see total volume on each station when the node is collapsed
Keywords: ui, Personal Assets
Note: Useful when planning hauling ops =)


Suggestion: Give the Prospect 1 double strength Huffer
Keywords: mining, expedition frigate
Note: The cloaky Gas miner can’t fit a cloak, probes and fill its mining slots. It serves no purpse over a Venture as is.

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Well, folks do use it as a cheap covert cyno hero tackler.

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Suggestion: Structures in the system structure browser should have in brackets which Upwell Structure they are.
Keywords: Upwell Structures, Navigation, UI, Menus

I believe that if the structure browser for a solar system had, in brackets, next to the name which Upwell Structure it is exactly, it would improve the game for many players. Finding out if a system has a Fortizar without having to manually click the “i” next to each name to work it out can be a pain sometimes. I am sure that other players would appreciate this small change as well.

For example, in a fictional system before and after

C-CPX7 Structures (Current Version)

C-CPX7 Fidly Bits
C-CPX7 Small Creations
C-CPX7 Small Changes
C-CPX7 The Flow Master
C-CPX7 Big Creations
C-CPX7 Elixir

C-CPX7 Structures (Suggested Change)

C-CPX7 Fidly Bits (Athanor)
C-CPX7 Small Creations (Raitaru)
C-CPX7 Small Changes (Fortizar
C-CPX7 The Flow Master (Athanor)
C-CPX7 Big Creations (Sotiyo)
C-CPX7 Elixir (Keepstar)

Perimiter Current

With brackets


My little idea: I can assign a button to select all my fighters and I can assign a button to deselect all my fighters.

I would like to be able to assign the same button to those actions. Button would do 2 things:
If you don’t have all your fighters selected: it selects all, if you have all your fighters selected it deselects all.


Well my suggestion is probably a bug but oh well

Suggestion: Allow refitting from Fleet Hanger to empty slots on the hud.

Keywords: Refitting

Notes: Currently you unfit modules to both the Cargo and Fleet hanger by dragging them off (If near Depot/Ship Bay) but you can only drag fit to empty slots from the Cargo bay. If you want to fit a module from the Fleet hanger you currently have to open the fitting window to do so.

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Suggestion: Optional toggle for the graphics setting menu to hide mouse cursor when toggling the UI elements using CTRL+F9. Similar to the ALT+F9 Feature (Been playing for over 6 years and just found out that worked in cinematic)

Keyword: UI, Camera, hot-key, toggle

Notes: For recording cinematic footage


When looking at the agents tab under corporation information (for NPCs) allow me to sort by jumps. Why is the only option alphabetical


Suggestion: Under the “sum box” you add a option to multi divide, as shown in the image.
Keywords: UI assets management sorting hanger containers
Note: While holding SHIFT and moving an item you get the option to “Divide stack”.1%20Divide%20stack


I cant do this one with one sentence, sorry:


Suggestion: Color option for folders (also for items themselves)
Suggestion: “Additional text” also the option to add icons, same icons used in market browser.
Suggestion: Option to sort folders freely, and the ability to chose between the two.
Suggestion: Same sorting option as above but for individual items in the folders.
Suggestion: Ability to search in quickbar. (the item in different folders is shown)
Suggestion: Ability to export and import quickbar.
Suggestion: The option to have a quickbar that looks and sorted like the “browse” window, including the subcategories.

Keywords: Quickbar market UI

Example 1: you right click on item and select save to quickbar, that one item is shown in the quickbar (the new one) including that items category and sub categories.
Example 2: you right click on an item in browser and select “add to favorite”. In browser you can chose “show only favorite”.


Suggestion: Ability to turn drone TC’s off early.

A little while back, drone TC’s were given a longer cycle time to reduce lag in larger null battles. This has lead to a slightly annoying long wait when you try to change scripts in a fight or during a mission. Hopefully it would be possible to allow us to stop a drone TC (or any TC) mid cycle, like mining lasers, so we can swap scripts quickly.

Shouldn’t effect lag in big fights so long as people aren’t frequently swapping.


Suggestion: Allow players to create small packages of items, similar to the ones we can get from resource wars LP stores.
Keywords: item management
Note: I think it would be useful if we could create various packages that are smaller than a small container. For example we could pack together a set of BPCs for a specific ship + fit and store/transport that way, or just gift it to people. This would work with the produced items too of course.
For the size of the package, I would say make it 10% smaller than the items contained in it, with a minimum size of 1 m3.


Suggestion: Put a fitting service on citadel right click menu.

Keywords: Citadels, Keepstars, Upwell, Fortizars, Ship Fitting.

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Suggestion: Make data and relic analyzers non cycling
Keywords: Modules

This would be effectively same as setting the “Set auto-repeat: Off” setting on the module.

Data and relic analyzers start the hack at the beginning of their first cycle. After that you can stop their cycling. The cycling does nothing but waste capacitor. You can also retry faster if your module was not cycling.


This comes up a lot and while I completely understand the desire for this, it would not be very healthy for the database and the inventory system. Since it needs a lot of performance considerations, I’m afraid it would not be a “little things” type of work.


Alliance bookmarks would be usefull


Suggestion: Search bar answers being able to drag and drop
Keywords: search bar
Note: Allow us to drag and drop results instead of having to hit info button first then drag.

Many thanks nitro


Suggestion: Change (have the ability to chose) the background image while viewing ship skins.
Keywords: Skins
Note: When looking at skins the background is determined based on the ship the skin belongs to, some ships have background that “hide” the details on a skin. For example Cerberus background highlights the details a lot on a skin but the Panther hides the details on darker skins.

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I have a couple.

Suggestion: A volume control button in the left hand menu bar
Keyword: ui, sound, menu
Note: A simpel master sound control button to increase or decrease (or mute) all the EVE sounds at once.

(I can’t be the first one to ask for this)

Suggestion: Corporate hangars in Customs Offices
Keyword: pi, pp, planetary
Note: The ability to put planetary products in a POCO in a corporate hangar, so that any corp member can pick them up.

Suggestion: Releasing planetary materials back to storage
Keyword: pi, pp, planetary
Note: When input materials are available in a storage or launchpad, a factory will automatically grab them and wait with them till all input materials are complete. If you change the schematic of the plant, they go lost. It would be nice to be able to release them back to the storage so they don’t go lost.


Suggestion: Ability to choose which Character is default for SSO logins

Keywords: login, SSO

Note: Save clicks every time I log in

I would like to be able to choose which character is displayed by default when the SSO login page opens. As it is, when logging in to a third party app through SSO, I always have to open the drop down character selection menu and select the second one down and then log in. Small but annoying

This is the page I mean,