Eve needs an UI-facelift?

I honestly believe that the game’s UI is one of the reasons that some people end up testing the game but end up abandoning it … It has many functions hidden in different and unusual places … The buttons and the text itself are often overshadowed by the brightness of the graphics making it very difficult to identify whether the modules are activated or not.

I would ask CCP to make the UI more modular and allow third parties to develop alternative UIs for the game.

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That’s almost identical to my UI setup, works fine!

You don’t need a UI overhaul for EVE, you need someone to overhaul your UI. You may want to put some thought in where you want to place those objects; why did you choose to place them all over your screen randomly?! :open_mouth:

Are you saying you use both monitors for a single EVE client? Where do you open up 3rd party tools, a third monitor?
Even with a second monitor I keep my EVE client on one screen, makes it much easier to multitask or open up dotlan/zkillboard/slack/forum/whatever while playing EVE on the other. :smiley:

I don’t think EVE needs a UI facelift. The UI of EVE looks good, is consistent and we have a lot of freedom of choosing the tabs we want to show on our screen, how big they are and what type of information they show. The only issue I have with the UI in EVE is that there is a lot of useful information that I could put on my screen and screen space is valuable. A new UI or more customisation won’t help with that.

Yep. I use alt-tab or virtual desktop for 3rd party stuff. Using both monitors for the client gives u much more area to put stuff. I have several windows perma open and stacked for easiest access.

But the set-up is what works for me. However I posted the link above because it would actually be very useful to display 3rd party stuff without losing sight of the client. As it happens I’m buying a 3rd monitor for another application which would probly do just as well, we’ll see.

the ingame windows are in this position for a “lean” mouse movment that i can quickly set-up on 4 diffrent windows (logi and drone bunnys).musclememory helps inbetween the diffrent ships/eve-windows.

-fleetchat > drones > watchlist > broadcast.
hidden under the “lean” window experience, is damage/heals messages.
(i tried moving the messages, but that just makes “heal” and “damage” occupy the same space, making it impossible to read, so idgak anymore)

-the vertical purple list is just something that randomly pops-up everytime my mouse ‘accidently’ hovers over any space that is occupied by fleet/drone.

-the targets are in that height, becouse its the only chance i got to see if someone is takeing damage.

targets are transperant so in the middle segment, i dont see hp bar as “orbiting”/links mash togheter. Even so! i often hafto align my camera away from fleet/drone ball, just to get a clearer view on who is taking damage and that kinda feels “broken”

Targets hafto be in a streight line, draging targets into different rows/colums is not an valid option.
in the bottom there is local/corp/alliance/etc and alot of dead space that cannot be filled.
i need to have my hud in the bottom, as i have it when i only fly one solo window
again… ui is to primative to have profiles/remember fleet setup/remember row/collum sorting etc etc

Yes, obviously you dont NEED a face lift, i do. i think that anyone who flys logi would agree with me, especially if they are multiboxing? and the issue is “i cant make this window smaller”!

Yeah, against some space backgrounds, i cant even tell if im getting yellow/redboxed or if my own modules are on or not… and the overheat! omg… is it on or off?!
ps. in my case, buttons and text mash togheter, making it impossible to read. Yes! CCP make the UI more modular and allow third parties to develop alternative UIs for the game. well put.

nothing is by its definition “broken” but at the same time, it kinda is broken and buggy.
The ui needs to be modernized at some point in the future! so why not now?

I may not be multiboxing, but I mainly fly logi myself. And there’s absolutely no lack of space if you set it up well.
You don’t need a UI facelift yet when you didn’t make use yet of the options the UI gives you to get more space.

A few things you could improve:

  • the bar on the left could be made smaller
  • overview could be shorter if you make use of target tabs, allowing you to put another useful UI element below it (I have my Dscan there)
  • (I would also recommend putting more info on the overview, but that makes it wider. transversal and corp are pretty useful to have)
  • split your chats in another way. Add ‘fleet chat’ together with your other chats, put local chat somewhere else and make it long, but really small. And remove pictures from local. You won’t need local to see chat, just names.
  • fleet history can be made more compact, you only need to be able to see the last few broadcasts.
  • put your fleet history all the way to the top of the screen instead of wasting space there. Do the same with your other tabs, make use of that space you’re asking!
  • Watch list on the other hand could be in a spot where you can put up to 15 names instead of only 4. I personally have it right below fleet history.

Now once you’ve set up your UI, copy the UI to your other characters as well, because what you say here:

simply isn’t true. I’ve copied my UI to all my other characters. Follow this guide:

  1. yes i know, but it dosent help.
  2. nope, overview is needed to be this long in incursions, in this site its not needed.
    but i cant re-arrange the ui based on what site i enter, althou i suppose i would like an automatic function of this in the new ui thats are moddable.
  3. its not needed for pve fleet, and no the overview cant be any wider then it is.
    i mean, it can be a little bit wider… but not wide enough to show any more usefull details.
  4. this is a “lean” factory, having the “misc chat window” in the L-corner is an optional luxury.
  5. fleet history/broadcast is at is minimum size, it cannot be made any smaller.
  6. No, the only option i have with fleet history window is to place it below target list - to mimimize mouse travel. it still hafto be on that side. (and when its on top, i can have a co-visual if i get targeted, aka. mimimum eye travel.)
  7. i have watchlist for orbit/assigned drone bunny and maybe alts, watchlist is pretty “stupid” intentionally so or not, having “healing targets” in watchlist do not work for pve fleet.

ps. by todays standards, it would likley considerd to be “cheating” but…
how about a watchlist, that can add more then 15 targets and a function to it, to re-arange whos on top of the list - based on taking damage?
for pvp, this could be exploited with bombs and what not… or it can simply be unexplotable with a damage meter. devs decide.

  1. Every bit helps, especially when you’re in need of more space.
  2. Overview is sorted by distance, you don’t need to see everything at once, scrolling down for targets further away is fine.
  3. Even in PvE fleets it’s useful to see at least the velocity of the target and the type of target. Skip alliance/corp and transversal if you want.
  4. lean?
  5. Fleet history can be made smaller, you’re not trying
  6. If you’re creating your UI based on mouse travel distance I’m not surprised it looks ****. Create your UI based on efficient use of space if you’re complaining about lack of space.
  7. Having healing targets on watchlist does work in any fleet where you’re logi. And even when you’re not logi it’s a good way to keep track of your fleet. The only time my watchlist isn’t full is if our fleet is smaller than 15.

Well, if you want to know who’s taking damage, put them on watchlist. If the fleet is bigger than 15, it’s up to them to broadcast for reps. If you want to know who’s taking damage even if people are too lazy to broadcast for reps, look in space for the ship that the enemy is shooting at.

Yea, it would be easy if CCP made it possible to put everyone on watch list, but I feel like that would make people even more lazy about broadcasting for reps. And it would make people complain about a lack of UI space to put their 100 man watchlist.

  1. every bit dont help. This is an underlaying issue with the ui itself.
    (in screenshot im running ~1280x885@90% ui scaling)
  2. yes i need to see everything at once, becouse in TCRC there is alot of npc’s! (fyi: the current screenshot dont even cover the entire npc spawnlist)
    and only some npc targets you, and its not based on distance. There are also broadcast rules involved, so i really do hafto see every npc.
  3. tranversal is not an important factor the fleets im running.
  4. lean = maximum workflow and efficiency.
  5. lol. fleet history can be 2 lines shorter, but the width of the broadcast window is at minimum.
  6. mouse travel and eye travel, its high target switch tempo for logi in pve, alot harder then some of the pvp(!) when i fly outside pve fleet, my ui dont look like this.
    simply put: it hasto be this way.
  7. i dont have screen space for a large watchlist, and its not needed. it would only look worse if i put 15 targets in targetlist - with close to no benefits, i rather have 10 targets locked.

in small engagment, looking at graphics might work. For me its impossible to even see the if locked targets takes damage… im not gonna be looking in space.

also, yes, thus i wrote about an dynamic targetlist that place damage target on the top, so you dont hafto have a 100man watchlist, line for line.

Your Oneiros has 4 individual reps of a cycle time of 8 seconds. That’s 4 target swaps per 8 second at most, or on average 1 mouse click per 2 seconds if you’re flying logi at ‘maximum swapping speed’. (I do hope you’re using keybinds and not clicking those modules!).

You can’t do it AFK, but it’s not a lot if you ask me.

Seeing if a locked target is taking damage is easy. Watch for the red appear. If I haven’t locked the ship that appears to be shot at, I usually lock him up to see if he needs any reps. Logi is an interesting role in fleet that keeps me a lot more busy than shooting, that’s true.

no… you are wrong i dont really care to get into some narrow offtopic discussions.
but i will say; cycle time is not 8 seconds with max skills/boost/links.
And also im a good logi. I know how to cycle! i say 1 rep cycle finish evey 1-2 seconds.

sometimes it all on the same target, sometimes on 4 different targets. sometimes its only on 3 targets and 1 rep is free for instant heals on a previous locked target. its highley dynamic and not always 1 target swap every 0.7-2 seconds.

as i have said multiple times, due to the transparancy of target vs background, its not.
further its a subjective topic for you its easy, for me its hard…
we both would be happy with a new ui - where only you are happy now.

Our current UI is fully functional and it would be a waste if CCP spends development time changing it.

The main problem of the UI in EVE is that we have a lot of information to put on one screen. The current UI has all the tools for players to modify where and what they want to show on their screen and waste as little screen space as possible. An update to the UI won’t help at all, our constraints of screen space and information won’t change.

The only positive thing CCP can do for the EVE UI is to give newbies a more efficient starting UI and to make it easier to share UI. That way the people who have made a good UI can share it with people who are asking for a UI facelift.

its not funtional to me and my needs, its quite buggy(!) awkward & old.
if its not functional to me and my needs, then the ui is not “fully funtional” as you claim it to be.

it is also wrong of you to say:
“people who have made a good ui should have ease to share it”
the correct sentence is:
“people who move the ingame windows around in a good way”
if you use the correct sentence, it becomes quite clear that the UI is not that good.

It would NOT be a waste of CCP resources to apply a modular highley customizable ui overlay - that the community can further develop
Its going to happen, sooner or later, and i would like to see it sooner.

And if the new ui is the way me and others have asked for… you can be sure that someone out there in the community will make the “new ui” look as “older style” ui, perhaps even back to the ui of 2003.
(i am sure, as ccp Hellmar have said, CCP is now in the works of renewing alot of EVE and that includes renewing the very awkward ui.)

What would you like to modify about the UI that you cannot do right now?

Edit: Nevermind. I see that you already mentioned some in your opening post:

  • transparancy 0
  • buff location
  • UI messed up when changing EVE window size

I feel like CCP could easily change transparancy settings to allow 0 to be actually 0. I’m surprised it isn’t.

About the buff location: I feel like the buffs/debuffs are at the perfect spot right above your capacitor and ship health information and close to where your modules are. It keeps all the vital information in one place for the least amount of ‘eye movement’. It would be nice if CCP gave us the freedom to place these wherever we want, but I’d put it right back where it is now if given that choice.

Both of these don’t feel like they require an entire UI overhaul though. The first one is an easy quick change that could be added to the ‘simple quality of life fixes’ thread. And the second doesn’t really feel necessary to me to be honest.

EVE UI getting messed up when your EVE window changes sizes however sounds like it can be really annoying. Is it possible for you to use ‘fixed window’ mode? I use that and never had this problem myself.

thanks for taking the time to actually read thru it all.

theres alot of “quality of life” improvments to be made to the ui.
eg. the fleet finder window is the same one as your fleet window - making re-size a must every day for everyone

i dont keep a list of the issues, the things i listed where just on top of my mind with this old ui, but a tiny list of ui fixes can be read in latest patch notes. those fixes would not even be on my list… soo

in a way im sure that the best for both players,ccp resourcing and new player base, is to just redesign the entire ui, making a complete overhaul of a 17 year old system… instead of putting out fires here and there.

it might be “nice” for the diehard eve players to be able to get an edge over others simply by having a deep knowledge of this flawed ui… but its not something that is good for anyone in the long run.

ps. diehard knowledge = cloaky ships can be tracked even if they enable a cloak, with the “orbit 500m” command instead of approch command. GG ui… no overhaul needed.
i guess that gate camp was more then lycky to decloak you

Just wondering, why do you need to re-size your fleet window every day? My fleet window is smaller than the one in your screenshot and I haven’t had to change size to find the right fleets in ages.

im in a corp /alliance i have access to around 15 fleets and i need to resize the window so i can read name and desciptions of all

I use the scroll function for that, no need to see all at the same time.
And I guess I never see descriptions, but fleet name and owner is all I’m using. Small price to pay for a smaller fleet window. :stuck_out_tongue:

well, having a way to re-arrange the collums order would be awsome, so that i can see fleet name first…
but i guess if i mimimize boss and boss location i can see the fleet names, but all of the above could also land me in a fake fleet… And that just seems flawed to me.

Don’t minimise boss. Anyone can set a fake fleet name or description, they can’t fake the name of the boss. Boss ocation, amount of members and description are all optional and often empty, but with the combination of ‘name of boss’ and ‘fleet name’ you’ll always get the right fleet.