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Does anyone know if there’s an easy fix to the overview if you’ve accidentally clicked on someone’s linked overview? For example… Ctrl+Z… Or… Am I kind of SOL if I don’t have the whatever file/folder/cached data the Overview is stored under exported to my desktop?


You can only revert back to default.

As far as I know, if you made some changes and didn’t make a backup of your settings by exporting them, then there is no way to revert back once you’ve overwritten those changes by clicking a random linked overview setting.

OP, after you make everything perfect again, make a backup file of your personal settings, scroll to the bottom of this link!

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If it interests you, there is a popular overview pack you can install by joining the in game channel “Z-S Overview”. You might take the time to check out this overview and the provided presets to see if they are to your liking.

@Al_thea what you can do, instead of saving your Overview locally, is to create a private chat channel and modify the channel’s MOTD and simply put it into that. This way you will always have access to it no matter where in the world you’re playing from and from any character.

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