How do I reset my overview to Yesterdays Overview?

CCP did something, patch, update… idk, or care. I just don’t want to have to reconfigure all the overviews on all of my toons.

Is there any type of import overview from yesterday option?

Found the fix. As stated in another post…

On the log in screen, where you select your toon you want to play… The double gears icon to the right of the toons name.

Mine only had one to choose from, but the other post stated that they had multi to choose from & said to choose something other than default. That worked for them.

Hope this helps others. I know that reconfiguring the overview is not an enjoyable task.


That’s called a profile, and CCP added the option to save / load the same profile for all your accounts, some time ago. You can have one profile, or you can have multiple profiles, with different settings per account.

An important part near the bottom is that you can manually make a copy of the profile so that if CCP wipes all the data in the saved area, you have a backup. I wish they’d make a tool for that, as many players aren’t going to understand that part and will be needlessly frustrated by the situation resulting from the lack of that knowledge.

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