UI lost, help!

So I had this game installed and set up and after realizing its on Steam I reinstalled it through there. Now my entire UI that I spent hours setting up its gone and everything is set to defaults!!
I backed up the entire folder from Appdata before reinstalling and copied it over after the reinstall and it STILL doesnt work.
I Tried switching the “eve online profile” (whatever that is, no description in the launcher) from ‘Default’ to one thats named after the folder I backed up, but no joy.
Any idea how to restore these settings from the folder I backed up???

Are you talking about the Overview or all of the UI, including all the various windows?

How you can save your Overview settings (see image below):

  1. Click the 4 Lines, top left corner of overview.
  2. Click Open Overview Settings
  3. Drag’n’drop the Share to your bio, private channel motd or perhaps the Notepad

you will however need to do this every time you change/update your overview. Doing the above will create a clickable link that will load your overview setting when clicked.

Yes the entire UI, like positioning of windows etc.


hmmmm since you have the steam version …

this is a long shot, i don’t know if it will help you any, but most steam games or at least a lot of them, install into steam directory. might want to browse that and maybe you’ll stumble upon what you are looking for. there is another thing though that is more reliable and should give you some results.

also, in steam, somewhere there are game update preferences, one of them tends to often set things to default, so even if you restore from backup it may get overwritten by steam again unless you set it not to. unfortunately, I forgot which setting it is or how to access it, something global something, is the best hint I can give you.

other then that, do the following:

  1. open up your file explorer and select a drive, default is C, however if you have multiple drives you may need to perform this multiple times (at least once per drive)
  2. in the search window type or copy “eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility” without the quotes.
  3. open up the folder that will be found, and you’ll see another folder called “settings_Default”, open that up also.
  4. copy the stuff from settings_default folder of your backup into the one you found and overwrite everything. you may want to make a backup before overwriting just in case.

Just figured it out, came back here to post solution and you are right, it had to do with the steam directory.

within the same AppData\Local\CCP\EVE… folder, in addition to “c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility” there is also “d_steam_steamapps_common_eve_online_sharedcache_tq_tranquility” and THIS is where I had to copy the files to. Booted up and everything is where it should be.


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