Overview settings files (can't export)

Hey everybody, my situation is that my previous laptop failed, and all I have is a recovery of the drive I was using, so I can’t launch the game from that drive to do an in-game export of the Overview settings. But how are the Overview settings actually stored for the game itself to read it? Are there non-exported files I can find on the drive for the Overview settings ?

The overview settings are stored as a plain text file, in my case in the folder


Also, unless you really want your old overview, the easiest and quickest way is to set up a new overview.

Join the ‘Z-S Overview’ channel ingame to get a new functional overview in a couple of clicks.

I know, but I wanted to try cuz I spent alot of time customizing it the way I wanted it. I already checked from another forum posting about that file location but there’s no Overview folder there.