Shortcuts erased

The client erased all my shortcuts/overview/etc with no history.

Is there any way to recover this?

Is there any way to back this up?

Is there any way to apply my shortcus to all accounts or do I have to manually go through each and every account and change each and every shortcut (again)?

Don’t think so.

Back up your settings files in the AppData folder.

Do the above. Setup one character and then copy the file and replace the character ID of the source char with the IDs of the target char.


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This is a great question, but you should have titled it “Eve Ganked My Shortcuts”. Even developers need sodium in their diet.

Should have stored them in the cloud.

Personal cloud - Raspberry Pi Raid 5 accross USB thumb drives. Because you can.

Data retention is not your thing then, could be worse, could be SD cards.

Raid 5. A thumb drive dies, plug in a new one and it gets remirrored. Now if two blow at the same time. Oh well.

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