[Suggestion] Allow settings to be stored externally

I recently ran into a bug in the EVE Launcher that deleted all of my local settings (a report has been made). Most players spend hours on their UI and other settings over many years, tweaking for perfection. It would be nice to know that these settings are safely stored. Currently if I want to feel safe I have to backup the EVE directories under AppData, which is anything but user friendly. In order to make this work out in an automated and simple way I have to rely on third party tools or home brewed scripts.

Most modern applications stores account settings on the server, not on the host (or in some cases both, but usually not the host alone). Other than what I mentioned above, some of the advantages to this are:

  • It’s easy to get settings back in case of a hard drive failure.
  • It’s easy to get yourself back up and running after a reformatting or after getting a new computer.
  • It’s more convenient for the user if they use the application from multiple locations.

I think it would be a great improvement to allow players to store their settings externally and I hope that CCP will consider this in the future.

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