All game settings GONE

So, I start up EVE today and notice all my saved logins are gone.
I log in, re-auth, and see that all my in game settings are gone, along with overview, shortcuts, window settings, et cetera.

Why? I haven’t modified any files in the launcher or game directory, I haven’t reset anything, yesterday everything was fine. I log in today and EVERYTHING is reset.

Can someone explain this?


This update only reports about launcher logins being forgotten, not entire game settings being reset.

They are tied together. Did you select the right settings for the accounts after you re-added them?

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Yep,everything is gone and getting it back is a long proces since you need to check if everything is the same settings.
Wich is very frustrating.

Everything GONE for me too… :frowning:
Game settings wiped!

It worked! Thank you for this!

Is there a way to save everything, UI overview and shortcuts to somewhere?,

when crimson accelerator bug or feature was introduced i attempted to fix it with resetting settings and it defaulted all the things except fixing the issue since i use custom everything including UI scaling it was pretty bad…

…i couldn’t bring my self to play game for a week just thinking what i need to do on all my accounts just to be where i was few days ago…

I’ve mentioned this before, but you really need to add user workflows to your test plans. This is pretty basic QA stuff for UI-intensive software. Create a record of all the basic things that players do in interacting with the game and walk through those steps whenever changing UI features or subsystems that may impact the UI.

In order to release software updates with any kind of stability as often as your team does you clearly have an extensive suite of automated tests. However, what is also clear is that there are a lot of gaps in these tests in operations that are close to the user. I would think that by now that basic launcher operations would be able to have at least some level of automated unit and system tests, but clearly these aren’t there if the software could be released without noticing that it doesn’t save user settings.

If your teams are having to rely entirely on the memories of individual QA staffers to test these basic operations, you are doing it very wrong. A checklist is the bare minimum, and automated tests are better.

I’m extremely frustrated with these repeated software errors that result in having to recreate profile settings from scratch every few months. It wastes a lot of time, and it turns the game into “work” more often than it should. I’m trying to keep a more constructive tone here, but it’s the kind of thing that really puts me into a pissy mood whenever it happens.

Everything of mine stayed the same, maybe because my account is registered to steam and eve (if thats how you want to explain it, i noticed that after the update my characters name was no longer my steam ID but my name on the eve website)

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