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CCP stop the ■■■■■■■ repetitive reseting of clients, particularly on one computer because you think someone is botting and so reset the entire each log in. I have to redo my drone groups, I have to redo my fits and UI placement and its getting ridiculous already, redo my orbit ranges, and I have 598 notification feeds stacked up again and again each time I log in.

Ive horribly and likely masochistically hoped that it was in some ulterior and greater good but after months of this Im done.

FIX YOUR ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ALREADY!! I know its CCP as its multiple computers and only certain clients. So get your ■■■■ wired tight already cuz this is ridiculous for a game company, hell its stupid for “people” simple and I think humanity is the worst plague since the Bubonic plague…

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Save your settings. Have a back up profile. Make sure you actually use it and not the general profile on all accounts


yup, launcher will eat your settings, randomly.
act accordingly


I have 4 computers and they will all randomly reset. Thats a few dozen accounts on each launcher, then randomly itll eat overview, or whatever else. Id sooner not play anymore than reset each one randomly every few weeks or so. I have 500+ notifications in the notifications feed. So its not just save this or save that. I even have reset it and it doesnt do crap all. The worst offender I did the entire juggle as I had a massive computer fail that started it. It worked for a few days and then again nothing.

Coming to log into null sec is a joke when towers, citadels, etc suddenly are screaming for fuel from a week or three ago or getting attacked again. Theres literally no point logging in most of my guys I use. Null sec is a null dead end atm.

Maybe consider the issue here isn’t CCP, but you…
If you are having a real computer fail, it’s likely your computers have issues caused by some kind of incompatibility.

But for instance, are you trying to run them all off the ‘general’ profile.
Or are you making an individual profile for each one.
If you are not making an individual profile for each one then that is something that significantly contributes to the eating of settings.

Do you bother to backup the profiles folder once you have them actually set up.
Since then if it gets eaten badly (& not just set back to the general profile) you can still easily copy paste restore them.
Do you bother to export your overviews.

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It could be that your computer doesn’t have access to store files permanently (firewall/read-only/administrative rights) and that it only works temporarily because its in ram. Try turn off firewalls turn off read only on eve main folder and set users to full control then start up the game setup your stuff, log out log back in and see if it kept your settings. If it still doesn’t work turn all that stuff back on again then at least you know its coming from something else. Or since you say multiple computers but only certain clients do you swap clients between computer’s to check if so then yea skip all that stuff I said before as it would be redundant.

Are you sure you have set/saved the specific profile to launch per each account, in the launcher setting?

Are you trying to run multiple non-Omegas simultaneously?

So for 4 clients, with a few (meaning more than one) dozen accounts, each.

Thats >96 accounts?

Wtf are you doing?


I’ve had UI / Overview resets a few times myself. I have my Overview exported so that’s no big deal.

Losing all of the Drone groups and other personalisations is a pain though.

How exactly does one do this? Are these all settings on the Launcher? (I will have a look later but am at work at the moment so can’t EVE).

Again, are these Launcher settings?

What does ‘making an individual profile for each one’ involve?

TIA for any help you / anyone else can offer :slight_smile:


Nobody is concerned this guy is running >96 accounts on 4 clients?


Well your

Did make me lol :yum:

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Go to EVE’s user data folder, copy the TQ settings folder to a safe location, if you lose it all, go to safe folder, copy back to user data. You should have no trouble figuring it out.

Press the gear next to one of your account names, select manage profiles.
If you have been running them all on the general profile that’s likely where a large portion of your problem is coming from since all the clients are trying to save their settings on close to exactly the same user settings file.
Having a unique profile for each account makes it work much better normally.


Wtf is he doing with >96 accounts on 4 clients?

Thanks Nevyn :slightly_smiling_face:

You think that is bad? Lol I was in low sec yesterday and saw a low sec incursion running group of 15 people around in navy vexor’s 1 hugin and some logi they all align perfectly and warp and every minute or so their ship name on d-scan changes all at the same time to the exact same name each time.

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This is generally the case though in this instance it is a rather interesting SNAFU. See I deleted and removed Elite Dangerous in order to reinstall it and this included the appdata. Upon reboot all things Eve decided to go wonky… go figure right.
Then again redid the profile from a good computer for this one and all was right in the world again for a week or so and then poof.

The issue isnt just in redoing it its redoing scores of accounts as well as getting the overview profiles, each ships profiles ( I mean how are my drone settings or orbit settings changing here?), and then redoing them on ALL 4 computers each time theres a slight hiccup which amounts to once per week at least.

The invariable automaton answer is fresh install of everything. It used to be that this was fine every year or so okay sure, then it was 6 months, now its monthly and its getting extraneous.

Years ago I had escaped the bugs as the new launcher was added and slowly they just keep creeping into the system itself. But after a while redoing <100 accounts on 4 computers just gets to be annoying. Sure maybe its intent but I sure hope not. A lot of the profile changes everyones suggesting have come as a part of this from CCPs part so that there is less and less to reimport each time. Im just getting fed up atm.

Wtf are you doing with ~100 accounts on 4 computers?

Your the amarr guy arent you eternus8lux? All doing PI?

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Nope. If I do run Alphas its usually only one of the computers with Omega support to test out theories and such. But frankly Omegas are way easier to deal with given SP farming and availability.

Yeah something like this.:smiling_imp:

Though I wish I could say I was running them all to my Ascension dreamline archetype I have failed. Certain rebalances nixed an entire line up of some alts and ironically I got more out of building and training many of them than actually using them.:thinking:

Oh and btw not all of them are simply miners or VNI ratters, in fact most were specialized builds using Pre Ascension and Ascensions lovely mix of PLEX, cash, packs, etc to maximize time to target build and then being able to fill in with Post Ascension skill plans well beyond the 5mil mark until CCP politely and correctly closed all the loop holes.:smiling_imp::star_struck:

I am glad you are so concerned about all my accounts though.

That’s against TOS/EULA.

You are not allowed to run multiple accounts simultaneously in EVE, unless all of them are Omegas.


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I had plans on doing large scale PI, even theorized that it would take about 300 accounts and a full region of PI to do it “properly”. But then things in game changed and I scrapped that plan though the irony wouldve been isk green in the first month after set up but Id have into carpal tunnel in a short day… carpal tunnel or brain melt.:thinking::money_mouth_face:

No its not. Its quite practical actually to see if I can build a character using Alpha settings to do what I wish it to to and then use it as such and then port it to omega and add the few SP itll need to be able to min/max perhaps better. Or to encourage other players to get into certain fits, ship classes or gameplay using unorthodox or min/maxed fits through Alpha game play and then stepping into Omega for farming.

See Salvos the difference between having an SP farm or having a low SP Alpha account are huge. In terms of 3 months paid sub, 5 mins SP $$$ grind lol, or 6 months of Alpha skilling. These are considerable investments on a larger scale and frankly if you dont use the accounts much to play with and therefore they dont enrich your gameplay as a player then its a true grind imo rather than just playing the game as intended.

So to show others what you can do with Alpha accounts that ALSO have the ability to go omega and SP farm can add a lot to someones gameplay if they so choose too. Others that have enough fun, and accounts, can continue on until they will run into the proverbial Eve wall as I did many times; boredom and stagnation. So you look for something different. And frankly I think its kinda fun to test and tinker this way. Which is also why Im so annoyed at CCP atm with regards to the OP.

And you are allowed to run, until CCP changes this, as many trial accounts, or now Alpha accounts as you had computers based on the same metrics/values CCP had for trial accounts pre Ascension. Now just be thankful I dont want to run all 4 computers as Alphas for nefarious works. :smiling_imp: As I think THEN Id draw CCPs scourge as even I would say thats a bit excessive. But to test out a theory, prove it works to others, and then go omega and say see I told you I could do it? And that is somehow EULA inducing to you well so be it. I grin and enjoy the finger pointing Salvos you are truly content then in this regard.:heart_eyes: