64-bit client transition complete

Please use this thread to discuss the dev blog about the completion of the transition to our 64-bit client.


Core infrastructure like this is super important, thanks for your hard work.


It is not complete and never will be til CQ is included. :exclamation:


A completely painless transition from my perspective (running on Debian 9 through Wine). Nicely done, thank-you.


What about support for better high quality graphics such as ray tracing and 8K+ textures? And personally I’d prefer Vulkan over DX-12, but I guess you need DX for Mac users. Anyways, good work on the developments.

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As far as architecture and requirment transitions go that went pretty damn smoothly. Well done CCP, can’t wait to see what you can do with dx12!


The 64-bit client uses more RAM than the 32-bit client, which limits how many accounts one can run if they only have 8GB or 16GB of RAM. If you’re going to sunset the 32-bit client, please look into optimizing the 64-bit client further or giving us further options to reduce settings to achieve lower RAM usage.


Not only this, but CPU usage per client has also massively increased over the last year or two, on the order of fivefold or more in some circumstances and 1.5-3x far more often. This is with the 32-bit client, and the 64-bit one is worse in that regard as well, though overall load with more than one client was problematic enough that I had to bail from using it before I could get a quotable metric of any sort. I’m admittedly on old hardware, but it’s rather powerful old hardware (still meeting “Recommended” specs except for the CPU) and I’ve heard similar complaints from people on much newer systems.

The move to a 64-bit client is very much welcome and appreciated, and I’d like to thank any developers involved in modernizing EVE’s code across the board as able. That said, the client in general seems to need some serious optimization. This appears especially true in any use-case that involves more than one client instance running. CCP’s past stance on it (to the best of my memory) has consistently been that multiboxing has no official support in terms of client development priorities, despite the massive portion of the playerbase that does so. Hopefully that has changed since the last time I remember a comment to that effect being made (which has been a while), and hopefully this is something already being worked on.

Beyond that, and likely far easier to resolve, up-to-date specific advice on reducing different aspects of client load would be a welcome addition to the support articles. There’s always the traditional wisdom for minimum load, and some common sense application of general approaches to try to reach a happy medium between “full potato”/“Windows 95 mode” (as many of us jokingly call it) and nicer looking + more useful settings, but better performance-related documentation would be helpful as traditional wisdom doesn’t always work. Something along these lines used to be available, but I don’t remember if it was “official” advice and it might be as much as a decade old at this point.


They could move to Vulcan and use Wines 4.0+ that has MoltenVK which does magic to make stuff work on apple’s Metal API.

As far as I know, wine on Mac is still stuck on DX 9, unless it updated in the last couple weeks and I missed it.

I can’t login to he game anymore…It is stuck on ‘Done Processing bulk data’…I refreshed the client etc…what do?

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yep, same problem here …


Worked for me deleting the 2 cookie files as recommended

Never used a Mac, but play on Linux. We use DXVK to translate DX11 to Vulkan. Shouldn’t that then run on MoltenVK?

I don’t know the details, I just know MoltenVK is what makes Vulcan work on Mac. If I knew how things worked more, I would figure out how to get eve to use it vs DX9.
From what little I understand, wine for Mac since 4.0 has had MoltenVK support. My brain works better with hardware vs software.

still having log in and connection issues

port 26000 unable to connect and now ant download to singularity… -.- good pathc :smiley:

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So far the 64 bit client is working ok however the CPU usage is more than triple what the 32 bit version was with the same settings. Hopefully something can be done to reduce that before my CPU burns out lol.

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TD, are you still have this problem?

I have had no luck getting past that point either.

I am still seeing a 32 bit launcher and 32 bit Qtwebengineprocess, is this because I have Steam?