What to expect with 64-bit EVE CLIENT?

Just saw the roadmap today. So what to expect with the 64 bit eve client?
Better performance in massive battle?

Yes, but don’t confuse this with TiDi, which is a server issue and has got nothing to do with the client.

You’ll get marginally better performance on the client by using 64-bit over 32-bit for some operations. But the main purpose will most likely be to make use of more memory for more detail in the graphics.


I just hope it does not end in devs carelessly wasting more memory because they don’t have this constrains anymore.


I hope they will add big textures for ships and planets because they will not have to think about memory constraints anymore. \o/


Shrug, bring it on. The more they load into memory, the less they hit the disk. Not that disk IO matters when you’re running an NVME drive on the PCI bus (my fucking god that shit is fast, first time I booted up my jaw dropped).

Imagine Eve with 4k textures. :eggplant:

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Literally all it will change is the amount of memory available to the client, you’re not really going to notice any measurable performance difference between them, the server has been 64bit for years already and that sthe only part that really matters :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t think that will have an effect. Linux for example will aggressively cache the disk if you have unused RAM automatically and I guess that is the same for Windows.

We both know that’s exactly all of what a CCProgrammed 64 bit client will in fact result in.


Yea, it’ll cache stuff that it accesses… a game that knows it will need a resource can preemptively load that resource though. And assuming you aren’t running into memory paging, the game can keep it loaded into memory even if Windows arbitrarily decides it won’t be as useful.

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Just more of the same. Tech evolution trying to keep up. So essentially nothing changes.

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More bugs. :joy:


I think after 64 bit eve client released. There will be much graphic redesign going on


It won’t make much of a difference here because the Eve client is already pretty stable aside from server / connection / tidi issues. In most older games that go from 32 to 64 bits it helps a ton, a lot less crashes due to general system strain.

But as other people have pointed out, if the game is moving forward to more high quality textures, models, etc. then once all those are in, it will make a difference.

Until I saw this post, I didn’t even realize this game was still 32 bit as 32 bit games have been just no longer made for a relatively long time now, maybe 5 years or so. But it does kinda go together with other stuff here, such as lack of scalable fonts and elements within the UI. Playing this on 4k actually sucks so badly I had to actually scale back down to 2k to be able to play at all.

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What to expect? “Legacy code” as an excuse for why it’s taken so long, will continue to be delayed and will arrive with a full set of new game-ending problems.

Not really, the graphics aren’t affected by the games choice of architecture and swapping to x64 doesn’t help graphics in any meaningful way, nearly all the heavy lifting is serverside and thats been x64 for years

On the plus side, now that we know it’s a korean group acquiring the IP, the 64 bit client will involve WIS and giant bouncing anime titties.

Assuming you buy the skin that unlocks your titties.




Lol how this forum became salty after Pearl Abyss buys CCP.

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It would be worse if it was EA that purchased CCP. :slight_smile:

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