64 bit EVE uses more than 50% more ram than 32 bit

I’ve got 32GB ram. I found with a smaller number of clients logged in than I’d expect, my system was bogged down. I checked system resources and saw why, my ram was near max, 31 out of 32gb in use.

Each EVE client was using around 1.3GB of ram. Add in to that a couple of web browsers and I reached my limit far sooner than I’d expect. I switched to 32 bit EVE and now my EVE clients only use 0.8gb of ram and everything is fine.

It looks like the 64 bit EVE client uses 1.7 times more ram than the 32 bit client.

Some multi account users are going to run into problems if they ever remove the 32 bit option. Unless you get a ridiculous amount of ram to offset it.

I’ve been using the 64 bit client for a while now with no issues - until this last update.

I run 3 characters and had no problems with frame rates in general, now for some reason each client is using at least 25% cpu and with everything else the CPU is at 100% always, plus lots of disk utilisation.

Anyone else having these issues?

I don’t have the ram issue, though I definitely have the cpu issue. Are you running a AMD cpu?

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