EVE performance hit at 3.4 GByte of memory usage?

Hi there, I observe a performance hit, whenever the exefile.exe process of EVE hits 3.4 GByte of memory usage. It seems that EVE can’t use more than this amount of memory, even though there are still 6 GByte memory free. I am running EVE with wine64… but still I have the feeling, that it is restricted to 32 Bit memory limits. Any ideas what the problem might be that EVE can’t use all the memory?

I’m on Windows 11 with 64gb ram and have never seen EvE go above 3.7gb. It is curious. I know they “upgraded” to 64 bit, but whether the entire client was actually transformed as they said or they just rewrote the eve.exe I’ve no clue.

Thank you, this is good to know. I have disabled to “Resource Cache Enabled” option… and yes it goes now to 3.7 GByte and I have the impression that the performance increased… strange.

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I’ve just tried disabling the “resource cache enabled” option too and can +1 that it indeed feels like performance has increased weirdly enough. I wonder if the vkd3d cache is to blame.

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