EVE client memory leak?

Hi, I know this is a subject that’s been touched on before (no I haven’t read it, but it is a thread from February and I’m not about to necro it), but my issue is recent and it is this:

This morning, after not suffering from a single closed socket error during normal gameplay for the first time in forever(!), I noticed after being logged in for about 13 hours, my client suddenly start to stutter. Being a little bit experienced in these shenanigans, the first thing I did was check the resource usage of everything that was running (there isn’t much else running, just the usual system processes and my AV running in Gaming Mode. What I saw on Task Manager was this:

(sorry about that. No I’m not. I just wanted to illustrate just what I’m dealing with here).

That is shy of 3GB usage for a process that usually takes one third of that. This isn’t a precursor to a crash (I’m actually tabbed out and typing this, so the client is still running) but my keyboard is buffering and my entire system is acting like it’s under extreme load (which it clearly isn’t - the 4 cores have a roughly 40% spread load right now).

Is or has anyone else experienced this like, very recently? Or is this a symptom of an ongoing problem I’ve just not noticed because of the intermittent socket errors?

(SysInfo: MSI 970 Pro Gamer mainboard, 4 core AMD FX4300 Black edition clocked to 4.8GHz (63C), 8GB DDR3, AMD Radeon HD6670 1GB@1080P. Client running at solid 48fps in station at medium settings fullscreen. System uptime: 5d9h).


I have off and on quarks that happen similar to what you are describing but it seems worse when I do any other task besides eve, something is making eve be a data hog is my only working theory.

I’m glad that you’ve posted this because I have the same issue. If i play EVE for 16 hours, by the end it stutters badly every time i try to open any window, such as fitting window, marketplace, view contracts etc. to the point where my game completely freezes for 5+ seconds. Then I restart my client and everything goes back to normal. It’s been like this for a while. I’ve even benchmarked my computer to make sure it’s not a hardware issue and I’ve reinstalled windows and EVE fresh. Still the same.

did you feel a bug report ?


Did you inspect the process to take a deeper look into its memory usage?

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No, but then I suffer from IBS so discomfort is normal.


not yet

gonna check it out if/when it happens again

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There are a few memory leaks in the game. It’s unlikely they will be get fixed as soon we move to 64bit.

Some bytes in your processes’ memory are cloaked and afk.

“there are some holes in your car’s tank. hopefuly those will be fixed as soon as you correct your daily diet”.

Not much to say other than file a bug report in client while the memory leak is happening.

I, too, would like to know his emotional connection to it.


Yes, me. A filled app memory can lead to UI freezings, visual glitches and DC.

Pray for x64 clients!

Current solution: restart your clients every 1-2 hours and what a hek? Go get some sun!

Issue. x86 architecture can support max 4.2(5)GB of virtual memory. No matter if it’s your entire RAM for x86 OS or the app memory for improved x86 platforms or x64 OS. If your PC RAM is 8GB, then your x86 EVE app can’t use more than 4.5GB from all 8GB, taking into consideration that a part of video card RAM is also buffered on PC RAM. Improved x86 OS are those with PAE patch virtualization, which allow to use more than 4GB RAM up to 128GB without performance upgrade. It depends by your motherboard chipset and CPU architecture ‘chipset’ (main). A lot of transitional CPUs and motherboards manufactured between 2010 and 2014 have many limitations. I know some chipsets, which can use 4.2GB RAM card modules of DDR3, but actually they can’t support more than 3.5GB RAM. Among them are P55 and H55 series. Your screenshot shows that the EVE app is using 3GB RAM only while other app memory is cached on HDD, which decreasing the performance. other 0.5 to 1.5GB is reserved for special OS services.

The current plethora of available SKINS causes a set of new performance issues even in mediocore BLOB battles of like 2000 players. This is because every SKIN requires it’s own texture memory in PC RAM and video card RAM. At high resolutions it can take MBs each of them.

" I felt a great disturbance in the CCP office, as if dozens of software developers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced by executive producer. "


who the flock uses 32-bit processors any more??

(OK, I still use a 1st Gen Pentium for a print server)

Who knows.

As I posted above, between 2010 and 2014 were made a series of motherboards with bad (transitive, experimental) chipsets, which can’t support more than 4.5GB RAM. They had some memory addressing issues. On those motherboards you were able to install a CPU, which supports both x86 and x64, but motherboard’s chipset and other chips were unable to support all that x64 memory availability. If you’ll install a 8GB card RAM there, then only 4GB will be supported and displayed in your system info windows. PCs from 2011 can be used even nowadays.

ew. I’d have been demanding my money back… my laptop is from 2010 and that came with 8GB…

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